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A type of assessment that is different from other assessments in the project of the final year is called dissertation. The aim of a dissertation is that students become capable of taking complete responsibility for their learning and produce a proper review of the topic undertaken. There is a section for discussion in the dissertation that is meant to contain all the discussions and findings.  Writing a dissertation is an art that students need to master for proper completion of their doctoral degree. If you follow the correct steps then it can surely result in a successful dissertation.

The first step – Choosing a proposal for dissertation

The first step is the beginning of writing a dissertation, so, it should be executed well. If required a proper guidance should be taken from your professor and the proposal should be finalized after extensive discussions. You should take care to have the following points in your dissertation proposal —

  • A proper title is mandatory.
  • The objectives of the project should be limited to a maximum of three, so that the focus remains clear. More objectives may dilute the focus of the project.
  • If your professor has enlisted references that need to be included then you can use them else you need to mention about all the sources from where the information will be collected.
  • The main part of the project is the question of research that should be outlined clearly in the proposal.
  • The method in which data is being collected may be of several types but the one used should be mentioned.
  • You must be aiming at a specific outcome from your research and that needs to be identified.
  • There should be a routine that guides you through the project and helps you to complete it on time.

The second step — Carry out a proper research

The overall performance of the project majorly depends on the research carried out. So, while writing a dissertation, you must put special attention to this step. The process of research needs to be effective and methodical as you cannot afford wasting time in the process of reading through the information collected.  There are few aspects that you need to keep in mind for completing a successful research.

  • There needs to be a schedule for the research work. The topic should be understood and accordingly resources have to be approached to get all the required information. The flow of information is huge so, you need to have the judgment ability to stop your research at some point or the other. The best way to achieve this is by setting a timetable for the research.
  • There can be various sources that provide information on a particular topic. But all information available might not be correct. You need to cross check with all the information that you gather. So, the most important thing is to choose the appropriate source for you
  • There has to be proper noting of information along with its source. This will not only help you remember what you are collecting but also guide you to assemble the data collected.

The third step — Present the information collected

Writing a dissertation is the prime step of your project. You might collect the best information available but if the presentation is not good then all the hard work can go in vain. You should thus plan out your presentation in the following way.

  • You need to start with a detailed outline for your dissertation. The outline will not only guide you through the process of completion of the project but also prevent you from deviating to undesired directions.
  • There should be a good introduction to your project. It should have the mention of the main problem that is being addressed to in the dissertation. The question of research and the study purpose are to be highlighted.
  • There should be an acknowledgement of the resources that have been used in the process.
  • The process used in finding the resources need to be mentioned in the next chapter. Different aspects like the questions of research, processes of data analysis, collection of data, hypotheses etc should be written in this chapter.
  • The information collected should now be presented then with all the required references. All the answers to your dissertation topics need to be written. This is the main step of your presentation.
  • There has to be a concluding chapter that summarizes the whole project in a short form, highlighting the major This should be the chapter for winding up as the project should gradually move towards being complete.
  • A bibliography that includes the names of all the sources that made the project possible should be made.

The fourth step — Rechecking the dissertation

An essential step in writing a dissertation is proofreading and editing. You should go through your project and do all the required editing because you are bound to make mistakes in the process of completion. After all the editing is done, there needs to be a step of proofreading that is basically the final step to catch any kind of grammatical, spelling or presentation errors that you might have made. This can be a real tough job and students can thus take help from online homework help services to complete this step.

The fifth step — Taking feedback

Discussing the project with someone from the similar field of study and with your mentor is necessary. A true feedback and suggestions for improvisation can be of great help for your dissertation to be a good one.

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