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Thesis statement is an important part in your writing which helps you in stating the clear idea about the topic in single statement. This statement is known as Thesis statement which is mostly used by students in college assignments. If you are planning to learn How to Write Thesis statement, then don’t worry you will come across with different options that will help you in meeting your needs.

What is the Main role of Thesis statement?

Thesis statements play an important role where it tells the readers how you can give brief discussion about the topic. It serves as the road map, which will give hint to them, as what they can expect in rest of the paper. It gives answers to the question which were asked before. In other words we can say that, it is the short interpretation of the question which was put before them.

It appears on top at the beginning of the paper which presents the argument to the readers. How to Write Thesis statement is difficult task and you have to look down some important points that will help you in writing thesis statements. It plays an important role in making the topic clear along with describing the important parts in the subjects that will create a good impression about the topic.

Steps of Writing Thesis statement

There are different steps which will help you in preparing thesis statement in better way. It will cover down:-

  • Choose the topic — You should choose the best topic according to your own interest. If you have brief knowledge about the topic, then it will help you in framing your thesis nicely by putting all the important points in your thesis.
  • Framing question- This is the next step in preparing thesis statement, which can makes the task easier for the reader to know the exact topic of the subject. In this step, you have to frame some kind of questions and your thesis will be an answer for the question which can describe little bit of the topic.
  • Note down all important points – Before preparing the statement, you have to note down all the important points in the piece of paper. It will help you in taking all the important points before preparing the thesis ignoring the extra points.
  • Target audience– While preparing the thesis statement you should target audience. It should be written in descriptive mode where your main theme is to describe the topic. It can also be written in persuasive mode where your main aim is to prove something about the topic.
  • Follow the structure– You should know the proper structure of How to Write Thesis statement? It should be divided into 2 parts which should state the topic of the thesis along with the brief summary. You can also consider arguments while preparing the thesis.
  • Analyze the statement nicely- You should analyze your thesis statement nicely before making it final. You should remember some important points that will help you in framing your thesis statement better. You should check the topic along with points nicely before writing it.
  • Check Grammar and Spellings mistakes – while writing you should check grammar and spelling mistakes, as it will be responsible for bringing fewer grades in academics. You should read your thesis twice to check all the points nicely. If something is added or deducted can be done at the time of reading.

These are the steps which must be followed by you while preparing the thesis statement. But most of the students are facing many problems while preparing the statement. It will not help them to get good grades in academics which will affect their rankings too.

Problem faced by students

How to Write Thesis statement? Is a big task of students where they are facing couples of problems in

Framing thesis- They are facing problem in framing thesis question along with answer which is the basic step in thesis statement.

Choosing topic– Students are facing problem in choosing the right topic which will be the base of thesis and it will totally depend upon the knowledge of the particular subject.

Right tone- Students are facing couples of problem in framing the right tone of the thesis where they don’t know which tone is used in framing thesis.

Framing sentence- They will face problem in framing the sentence along with making spelling and grammar mistakes.

Proper structure– They are facing problem in maintaining the proper structure which will not make format unique and different from crowd.

Where to look for help?

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  • Using the correct tone
  • Framing arguments if necessary

All these points will help you in preparing thesis in better way; it will help you in getting good grades in academics.

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