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Linear Programming is a subject developed by American mathematicians to help solve problems faced with constraints, especially the economic problems. Typical problems like how to maximise output in an industry given the constraint on inputs could be easily elucidated using this method.

Apart from the above type, there can be problems, say those related to the diet of animals. Consider a meat provider who earns his living by selling meat to his customers. Now to make maximum gains, he has to feed his livestock well, in other words, these animals should be given proper diet and nutrition so that the quality of meat is good enough for customers.

For these situations and the like, there can be a whole array of equations and variables, whose values are to be determined subject to the given constraints or conditions. The form of glitches that our students are normally burdened with:

  • Studying the context and then formulating the Linear Programing problems from it.
  • Identifying the feasible zones for Linear programming problems.
  • Using graphical method to solve Linear programming problems.
  • Understanding simplex method including slack variables.
  • Comprehending the simple method using tables.

Finding solutions to each of these requires a lot of hard work and in-depth knowledge which students often lack. This is attributed to the rush with which their teachers at college teach them the concerned subjects. With a view to complete a long syllabus, each chapter is not focussed on and that leads to backfire in times of exams. Consequently students fare badly.

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