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Programming jobs are hotter than ever before when one ends up with a computer science engineering degree. There are many secure jobs if one opts to work from home.

But one of the primary focuses of computer science is acquiring a proper grip on some of the fundamental programming languages that are in store.

Many of the introductory online courses are available for programming languages such as JAVA, C++, Perl, Python and many more. To add some of the top programming skills in your resume, all one has to do is have a desire to learn and be dedicated.

Why Computer Science?

These days, you will find a huge number of students opting for engineering. To be more precise, engineering in computer science. The reason for that may seem obvious to some, especially to those who are already in the industry.

The rate of improvement of technology in today’s times along with its overall application in everyday life demands more people to know what they are doing.

As a result, gone are the days where you could hire anyone and everyone, train them for a couple of days and get them to start working right away. Nowadays, you would actually require having some firm knowledge about the thing you are doing. This is more so prevalent in computer science where the depth of knowledge required is quite high.

Starting from the basics of computers, to coding, all the way up to the detailed theory behind some of the aspects of computer science, a fair bit of technical knowledge is necessary. This is why you would actually need to go to a college to get proper education this line of work.

Not only that, if you are actually good at what you do, you can earn in 6 digit figures these days. But that’s the catch – you need to be good at what you are doing and know your stuff.

However, if you can pull it off, your prospects of having a glittering career is increased by quite a lot.

But aimlessly going for an engineering degree is not the solution either. You should have a fair idea about what it is that you want to do once your college is done. Which line of computer science do you want to go into? That is exactly what I am here to help you with. Let’s talk about 3 of the most promising career options and jobs that you can think about once your engineering degree is completed in computer science.

  1. Software Developer

The most obvious choice to make for any student of computer science is the line of a software developer. Once you learn the basics of programming and coding, there is nothing that stands in your way of learning to make software.

Most people who opt for this line of work are interested in becoming coders and making software all day long. It may seem like a boring prospect but there is a lot of merit to doing it. Keeping updated with everything helps you increase your knowledge base and earn a good salary.

If you ever wanted to do something that required minimum physical movement, then coding is the thing for you. The best part about this field is that most people can learn coding for themselves with minimal guidance from books and internet resources. All it takes is a bit of dedication and practice and you too can be on your way to becoming a developer.

Getting a degree while you are at it definitely helps quite a bit since the college you will be going to may provide campusing facilities. What this means is that companies who need to hire employees will go to these colleges in an attempt to recruit freshers. So if you can manage to qualify their recruitment tests, there is a good chance you will get a job straight away.

  1. Database Administrator

On your path to getting an engineering degree, you will undoubtedly have to study about database management and similar concepts. It is a must for any sort of course in computer science and engineering is no exception to that rule either.

The general idea of database management is with regards to the techniques involved in storing various sorts of data in a library and how all of it can be managed altogether. As such, you can probably guess what the work of a database administrator is.

You will have to decide upon the various protocols that will be applied on the database, decide which members can access certain parts of the database, set the required passwords and so on. Basically, anything that has to do with the security of the database is something that is the responsibility of the database admin himself.

It may not be as technical as developing software, but there is a fair bit of knowledge required to be had here as well. Also, the salary packages for database administrators are really impressive as well. If that is something that you are aiming for, and then database management systems (called DBMS in short) is what you should be concentrating on.

  1. Network Architect

Another important topic that you will be learning in engineering college is networking. Whether you like it or not, there is a lot of information involved in this field and that is something you need to work with if you are to be a networking architect in the future,

As you can probably guess, network architecture refers to the overall structure of a network, its hardware and software components, the protocols used in its communication process, the kind of transmission used and things like that. Your job as the architect is to look over all of these things and make sure everything is in tip top shape.

Out of all the 3 mentioned here, this line of work is probably the most complex and requires the most amount of effort to be put in by you if you want to succeed. There is a lot of memorization involved here as well which is why not many people prefer this route. But as always, there is plenty of money to be made here which is what makes it one of the topmost career options for anyone with a degree in computer science.

Some details of the courses available online are listed below:

  • JAVA ranks at the top of the popularity chart when it comes to knowing a programming language. It is often the most searched programming language. Salaries of over $100k per year are avaible for skilled programmers. JAVA platform is run on billions of smartphones and other devices. So, once you get equipped with proper skills of JAVA programming, there would be no stopping you from getting a job with high pay check.
  • SQL is one such highly demanding programming language which requires the programmers to manage data. Since almost all the programming applications that exist require date interpretation, therefore the demands for SQL programmers are always high.
  • C programming language is second most widely run programming language after JAVA. C++, a flexible extension of C language provides a lot of variety of functions which allows programmers to create numerous programs that finds its use in a wide array of hardware platforms. C# (pronounced C Sharpen) is an object oriented and modern programming language and has been developed by Microsoft is also gaining its popularity day by day.
  • Last but no the least, Python is one of the most lucrative programming languages and one will really enjoy a lot while learning it. Itys totally new and is slowing gaining a lot of relevance in the IT industry.

There are some skills that one must have at their disposal if they wish to succeed in learning coding. Coding is like an expression, it’s an art of solving problems with the help of programming skills. Learning coding will enable you to run the clock according to your will. Besides pocketing a huge pay, a coder can set his own schedules and live a life on their own terms. Many international companies invest millions of dollars on hiring skilled coders. Coders can fulfill their passion at work place besides working on side projects at the same time.

The sense of being self-reliant and be your own master is making a coders life separate from the rest. While they invest their time on building new applications, websites and other systems works, they can at the same time improve end user as well as employers’ experiences. Though they can run life on their won terms, coders must keep their focuses fixed to their jobs.

They must have high level of concentrations or else they can be replaced in no time. Improved concentrations lead to a better productivity in all sectors of the company. Amongst the greatest benefits that one experiences being a coder is their steady flow of work in which they form a union with the existing task in their hands.

Self-reliance is one of the primary focal point of a coder. When one starts coding coders can have a feeling of being completely overwhelmed with ideas. There are a lot of resources that one can make use of while learning coding. There might be a feeling of frustration and you might feel like giving up again and again.

But long-term success will be greater if you fail on your won and have the constant urge of learning from your failure. To be successful in coding, one has to first be a master of their won emotions. They must be a master of their distractions, impatience, frustrations and dependence. You must not be dependent on external resources to solve your problems as a programmer. One must learn to accept their responsibility first.

Have you ever loved geometry in high school or do you love solving puzzles? Well all these aspects ae very essentials from a future coder’s point of view. Coders invest their time in building logical skills which and they exercise their skills by taking them to a new level. There are a few tools such as Decoders which provides the optimum challenges from the coders to develop their reasoning skills. Conditional thinking is quite important from the coder’s perspective where you clarify your won doubts by creating multiple if statements in your programs to run them bug free.

In U.S, computer science engineering jobs ranks amongst the top of high pay scale salaries. With new technological advancements, there are no stopping Software engineers and computer science students from changing the market with fundamental skills.

Some of the jobs include:

  • If you have acquired a proper skill in both front end and backend development of web content, then full stacking will fetch you a high play scale. Full stack developers can both manage, plan as well as build software’s on their own terms if they have a proper knowledge of building applications from start to finish.
  • With the advent of smartphones in the first decade of 21st century, there is always an ever-increasing demand for mobile application developers. According to predictions, the growth is expected to further increase by 19% till 2024. The programmers are required to build application software’s for various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. For these one has to be a master of programming languages such as C++, Java, Python and many more.
  • Need for software engineers who are well skilled in writing codes are quite high. Software engineers re often required to debug application programs and test the fluidly of software. System architects are required to conceptualize, plan and also design solution technologies which the IT firms demand. Jobs for Machine Learning engineers are increasing year after year. It is an innovative field where gets to exercise their brilliance and improve the productivity of the technologies.

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