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From time immemorial, there have been trade relations between various countries from all over the world. However, previously it was not very important as to the conditions against which these trade relations used to take place.

In present 21st century, times have changed and with every change in relations in the international market, the whole global economy is dragged into this scenario.

It is from here that the need for understanding of economics at a global level. Thus, macroeconomics has earned a great place for itself in present world. With students will get a better insight into the workings of this branch of economics.

Definition of macroeconomics:

Macroeconomics is the study of the economy’s behaviour as a whole. Rather than single individual economic units, this focuses on major issues of global economy and the interrelations of the various sectors of the economy. Contrary to microeconomics, this branch is a study of the economy at global, national and finally regional level.

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Facets associated with this subject:

This branch of economics is an immediate eye grabber for many students, primarily due to the sheer dynamic aspect of the subject. However, it is not quite easy to understand these aspects from the point of view of a novice, who does not have an idea as to how this world functions economically.

There are 2 broad associates of this branch:

  • Business cycles and the causes and consequences associated with it.
  • Understand the aspects associated with long term economic growth.

Once, a student gets to understand these basic primary concept, it’s become very easy for him or her to make sure that their understanding of this subject will be error free.

Importance of this subject:

Macroeconomics has always been an important domain of study. But with time, it has gained in importance simply due to the interrelations that have joined the globe. With every economic decision having a great impact on the other, it becomes important that students to see the various sides that are present in this single domain.

  • The direction of business cycle is very important since it helps one to understand the way in which the economy is headed. The downward cycle indicates a slump, showing how and where the economy has to work. While the boom shows growth of the economy.
  • It helps in understanding of the economy at a greater level. When the interconnections between different sectors of the economy are brought into light, it becomes easy to see how each sector is affected by the other.
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  • It also helps in analysing those factors which are responsible for economic growth. It shows how they are to influence the economy and how they will work in parity with each other.
  • When there are problems as poverty, unemployment, economic downfall looming large, it is important that these problems be sorted from macroeconomic point of view. Only then they will have a suitable solution.
  • Analysing the fluctuations in business cycles, determining the condition of the balance of payments and working on deficit budgets and other issues are the primary focus of a macroeconomic dimension. It is simply because; a single person viewpoint at regional level will not work here.
  • This is the most important factor for determining the economic policies that a country will follow in future. It is on the basis of this, that allocations of funds and various social programs are undertaken.

Hence, one can very well see the facets which are associated with this subject and how without a proper understanding of this subject, it can become very difficult.

How can students use it?

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  • Since, in today’s times problems at macro level has increased hence, one can very well find that scope for career opportunities have opened. Problems are to be dealt at global level so, rather than regional solutions, one needs global suggestions.
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  • Students can understand the subject at a higher level, beyond the clichés of a specific area. Thus, they can make sure that any manner of research or other formal work can be of help at that level.

Thus, it is very important that students try to find out those points in this subject by which they can benefit as well as work for the benefit of the economy.

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