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What is Magnetism?

To know the depth of the chapter, it important to understand the basics at first. An Electric Current is a flow of the particles to form an electric charge. The charge is carried out by the moving particles called the electrons in the wire. It can also be carried out by other particles called the ions in an electrolyte.

The electricity is produced when the electrons move from the point to the given destination. This does not imply that the electrons jump from one place to another. The electrons move in a given path and it transfers its energy to the atom beside it which in turn transfers the energy to the next atom and jumps the destination.

The rate of measuring the flow of electric charge of one coulomb per second is called ampere. There are different flows of the electric current which are termed as alternate and direct. In an alternate current, the motion of the electric current flows backward as well as in the direct current, the motion is normal.

Current is denoted by the symbol I. According to Ohms Law, the current flowing is passing through a voltage known as V and a resistance is produced between them which is known as R. So according to the law, it is called as V=IR. In an alternate motion of the current, the law is called I=V/R.

The sources of Magnetism

There are different sources of Magnetism which are discussed in the following paragraph below.

  • Heat

An electromotive force is created in a specific polarity. The two conduits generate a voltage with the temperature of the surface. In the higher end of the junction, the electromotive force is generated.

  • Light

The sun’s rays can be used for producing currents. The photo voltaic cells which convert the rays into currents can be or cannot be done with the help of other devices.

  • Chemical

As mentioned earlier, two electrolytes when placed in a proper solution conducts a potential of about 1 voltage between them.

  • Magnets

The wide application of Magnetism is through magnets. The sources which provide the power for conducting is called as prime movers such as diesel, petrol, oil, coal, natural gas and etc.

The use of Magnetism

Magnetism forms electricity which is the fuel to an engine. Without electricity, the modern world would have looked like a huge slop of nothing fancy. There are some of the important points which highlight the main use of these currents and they are discussed in the following points below.

  • Used by various sector

It is important to know that the number of sectors underlying the current economy is huge and to work properly without any difficulties, it is equally important for them to get the use of Magnetism for various works. In most developed nations, electricity use is up in the rise with about 70%.

  • Used by households

The average households vary greatly among different countries. The US households are far more time large in number than the UK households. Magnetism has a major use in the households’ activities since normal day to day activities are carried on by the help of electricity. Electricity usage in America was about 3.8 trillion kilowatt-hours in the recent reports of 2017.

  • To power different engines and appliances

Electricity is the number one requirement in powering up of different vehicles or appliances so that they can be used for further use. Nearly 80% of the utilities need electricity to work. Vehicles which are often designed in such a way that theyletthem use less energy when they are running on the road.

  • To charge up cities

Electricity is provided to the traffic studios and street signs, stoplights to make them work properly and to avoid accidents and mishappenings. The electricity is conducted by the huge power lines which run throughout the whole cities.

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