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Here is an idea that what all concepts will be covered under Market Segmentation and Targeting –

  • Meaning of market segmentation.
  • Meaning of market targeting.
  • Difference between segmentation and targeting.
  • Why segmentation and targeting are necessary for a business organization.
  • Advantages of market segmentation and targeting.
  • Limitations involved with market segmentation and targeting.
  • How market segmentation and targeting are helpful in developing marketing strategies on a broader level.
  • Applicability of segmentation and targeting in the field of digital communication.
  • Different approaches (ways) to segment the market and for targeting.
  • Steps involved in segmentation and targeting.
  • Analysis of different models in relation to market segmentation and targeting.
  • The scope of market segmentation and targeting.

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Problems encountered with the topic of Market Segmentation and Targeting

Market segmentation and targeting are very important topics in the academic branch of marketing. Market segmentation involves identifying a particular market that needs to be segmented. It is a comprehensive process where different groups of buyers in a respective market are segregated and then profiling is done according to a set of variables.

It is a useful way that helps in understanding the market tendencies and characteristics in a better manner.

Market targeting is different from segmentation and it is the process where business organizations aim to identify the most suitable or most attractive market segment. Thus targeting is done, keeping in mind the profit objectives of the company.

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