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The several procedures involved to control, coordinate, motivate, direct, organize and plan the different activities in a company or firm is collectively termed as management. On the other hand, the various processes that a company uses to satisfy the requirements of its consumers, is called marketing. Managing the several activities of marketing is called marketing management. Portals like marketing management homework help can provide more definitions about the term.

The different activities of marketing management

The following are the several activities that are undertaken by marketing management.

Setting objectives of marketing

Depending upon the aim of the company, there are clear objectives that the marketing team has to set. These aims can be both long or short term. Knowledge about how the objectives of marketing are set can be learnt by logging on to links like marketing management assignment help.

Planning to achieve the objectives set

An objective can be achieved by proper planning and thus is the next function. An appropriate plan is chalked out with an aim to reach what has been set. Different aspects like strategies of marketing, formulation of marketing programs, forecasting sales etc. are taken into consideration while planning. Details about the procedure of planning can be learnt b visiting sites like marketing management homework help.

Organizing how to execute the plan

Implementing any plan needs proper organization. Coordinating and collecting the required options that are essential for implementing a plan is termed as organization. Depending on the structure of the firm, powers of each person in the firm etc. the team organizes the work out plan. Knowledge about organizing any plan in a firm can be obtained by clicking on sites like marketing management assignment help.

Coordinating with people for achieving an objective

The different activities of marketing like warehousing, transport, development of products, planning of products, forecasting sales etc. need to be handled harmoniously in order to implement any plan. This is called coordination. More about coordination can be learnt by clicking on sites like marketing management homework help.

Directing towards achieving the goals of the firm

Every company needs to move towards progress which is possible if the set goals are achieved. The second way for progress is by developing fresh markets for the products made by the firm. The employees of the firm should thus be motivated in a way that will help the company to improve. How to direct a company towards progress is a process that can be learnt by visiting sites like marketing management assignment help.

Recruitment of hardworking staff

A company is driven by its human resource. Recruiting the correct people at the correct time is thus essential for a firm to function well. Learning about how recruitments are done is possible by checking out portals like marketing management assignment help.

Evaluation of progress

Objectives can be set, plan can be made and execution of plans can also be carried out. But what is more essential is evaluating the progress of the firm after execution of a plan. Companies generally set time lines within which the capability of a particular plan is checked. People can learn more about evaluation procedures by clicking on links like marketing management homework help.

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