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What is a balance sheet?

Balance sheet is a statement on financial ground that serves special importance in reporting the equity concerning any shareholder of a company. Not only that, it provides a detailed account of assets as well as liabilities at an exact point and in time.

It also offers a source for computation of rates regarding return and also evaluates the company’s capital structure. It is a statement that presents a picture of what the company owes and owns.  Again it evaluates the amount invested by those who hold shares (of the company).

The balance sheet is used next to other statements (which are also financial). These are statement regarding income and statement in relation to cash flow. Along with these latter statements the balance sheet is used for conducting primary analysis or it calculates ratios on financial grounds.

Formula concerning a balance sheet

The sheet sticks to the following equation on accounting grounds. Here assets are placed on one side whereas liabilities and equity of shareholders are placed on other side (Assets= Liabilities + Shareholder’s Equity). The above formula is a spontaneous one. Any company has to compensate for all its possessions or assets. This process is carried out in two ways

  • By borrowing cash thereby taking charge of legal responsibility
  • Taking it (cash) from the investors thereby issuing equity on the part of the shareholders.

The company regulates its compensation process in either of the above ways. Proper examples will clarify the matter. If your company takes a loan of $4,000(from a bank) its assets especially your cash account will raise by $4000. Its legal responsibility especially the debt account on long term will boost by $4000.

Again if your company acquire an amount of $8000 from the investors, its assets (including the Shareholder’s Equity) will boost by $8000. The Shareholder will deserve special mention in obtaining all the revenues generated by your company in surplus of the liabilities of the same to his account concerning equity.

This actually represents the disposable assets hold by the owners. These revenues are ultimately balanced on the side relating to the assets which emerge as investments or cash or inventory. Again, the revenues can also appear in other forms also.

Assets and liabilities as well as equity on the part of the shareholder consist of a number of small accounts that functions in breaking down the specifics associated with the finance of the company. These accounts vary according to the specific industry. But there are few components that are common and which are always preferred by the investors.

Several ratios can be drawn from the balance sheet providing scope to the investors so that they can be acknowledged about the proceedings of a company.

Role of Financial accounting in reviewing the balance sheet

Financial accounting guides any business to properly carry out the financial transactions so that they can propagate in the correct track.

 It stands as a process by which the company deserves special means in recording and then reporting all the data relating to finance which enter and exits of its operations concerning business purposes. The data on the ground of accounting is the evidence recorded on a sequence of statements (which are financial) including statements concerning the income and cash flow. The chain of statements also includes the balance sheet.

Decisions regarding investment

Fundamental examination or analysis largely depends on the ‘balance sheet’ relating to the company and on its statements concerning flow of cash and income. All of the statements (on financial grounds) about companies that are publicly traded are created and then reported in consistent with the financial standards on accounting grounds set forth by the ‘Financial Accounting Standard Board’ or  FASB.

Thus, it can be said the process of Financial accounting guides the company in matching the balance sheet thereby letting the user to observe that no error occur while the statement(i.e. the sheet) is recorded.

Nowadays the common mistake that occurs on the part of most of the owners in business is that they understand financial statements concerning their company in no time. Actually they fail to understand those statements. So a balance sheet deserves special mention in monitoring the health of a business. To be precise, the shape of a business is supervised with the guidance of the balance sheet.

Balance sheets perform special functions internally in guiding decisions regarding management purpose. Externally they serve important purpose in reporting the business status (on financial level) to investors, lenders and to other people who are also stakeholders.

The balance sheets are also regarded as ‘statements of financial position’ that helps one in identifying potential matters before they gets converted to serious problems thereby tracking the finance of the company. The ultimate function of the balance sheet is to provide such information to you that will enable you to maintain and expand your business in the future.

A balance sheet always matches because of the matching of the total assets amount to the adding of Total of Liabilities and the Equities. If the sheet is somehow imbalanced then any of the following can be the reason.

  • Either the file concerning your data is scratched
  • Or it can be that you have linked or typed incompatible transactions
  • Again it can be so because of your usage of multi or more than two currency system

What can be the best solutions in recovering balance of your report sheet are as follows.

Make a quick log out and then jump back to your file concerning QuickBooks and your report regarding the balance sheet. If it shows up with restoring its balance then it can be concluded that you are not having an imbalance balance sheet.

Then, Change of the default date on your part also restores the balance. Try to remember the balance report and keep using the memorized sheet.

Balancing on a Balance Sheet is a Gruesome Task

Before we look into matching the balance sheet numbers and working with them, you must be well eager to know what a balance sheet is. The balance sheet gives a picture of the financial position of a company at a particular time may be during a fiscal year or within a month.

It allows a viewer to go through what a company has in its clutches and what it has to pay to other parties. Now this information about a company is not just simple especially when you are considering a big capital or huge financial turnovers.

What should be the use of such a balance sheet?

This allows the employee to have a clear cut idea about what is the financial condition of an organization or what loans or benefits it can get from such concerns.

What would you mean by matching?

It is a general accounting concept where a person of the concerned company goes through the expenses and the revenues of a company simultaneously.

This can be illustrated as that a company has decided to pay its employees a sum for the bonus. They decided to pay it the following year. Let the current year be 2019 as for example. The employees of the current year are getting the bonus as thus the expenditure of the total bonus is to be shown in this current year’s balance and not the next year.

What may be the benefits of matching principle?

A matching principle gives a perfect picture of an organization’s operations on the turnovers the company does over the year. What would an investor like to see in matchmaking?

They would always search for a good tie-up between the revenues and the expenses. They would surely something which is not well tied and mismanaged. By getting a matched document, they would get a better sense of the economics of the organization. Investors also look out for the cash balance of the company and timing of its cash withdraws.

Though it may seem very easy to compare and look at those resources at the same time it involves a lot of challenges. The principle works well when connecting revenues and expenses does not involve a direct cause and effect relationships. A time may arrive when the connections are not that clear and systematic approach can be brought to practice.   

How should you match the balance sheet?

The balance sheet is the last stage of a financial accounting procedure and thus it can be compared to other data if all the other data are perfect in all respects. If all the records are correct from the expenditures to the revenues and other miscellaneous expenses in one side after making the necessary corrections and putting all capitals and liabilities and capital on the other side.

But the main thing of concern is that the balance sheet must always balance that is its assets must be in parallel with the liabilities and the shareholder’s equity over a range of time.

The assets denote what a company would receive or have in the time to come and that it should be a measurable quantity. The liabilities are what a company owes, such as taxes, salaries, debt. A balance between the two is a requisite in the case of turnovers in the business. For example, the selling price of a property is said ten thousand dollars. Then the asset amount would decrease by ten thousand dollars. But at the same time, the balance in the cash account would increase by ten thousand dollars. Thus a true balance is kept between the two disciplines of financial accounting.

It is not always a very easy task to make both sides of a balance sheet matching and for that a great deal of expertise and skill to handle situations and circumstances which have arisen before.

The following things you must make an overlook when you are just trying to make things correct, you have to check that you have totaled correctly both the assets and the liabilities.  You must also check whether the net gain and loss on both sides are perfect and there are no flaws in it.

You must also check all the subparts of the question as it may happen you forget to write an item in the financial statements. The most important is making adjustments; you need to go through whether you have made the corrections in the final account. Thus a pure overview and vigilance are needed in the case of matching a balance sheet as you go through both sides of it. You must have a good knowledge of the account adjustments mostly the final account adjustments. Thus there must be an essential part of the financial accounting and that is final account adjusting.

The more you expertise in this, you would become a person whom no one can defeat. Thus it can be rightly said that skill makes a man perfect. Yes, you are thinking on the right track that a good and skilled worker would require less time to go through the balance and would very quickly identify the flaws in it and would correct them.

You must have that potential to find something which is hidden and that too from the very depths where no one have dared to go. This can be well very dramatic and enthusiastic. Thus a company’s future depends on the way a man or an employee shapes his balance sheet and find out the errors which others have failed to.

In doing so they might have also overlooked the mistakes which are well noticeable.

Why should we all be busy with this all balance sheets?

The basic need of it is fundamental analysis, its statement of cash flows and returns they would get. The analysis done for a company is very important as it invokes a man’s liability in how he should frame the forthcoming consequences in all deals. Moreover, the basic principle that a company invokes is the balancing in all deals to make the coming days brighter.

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