Mathematics – Assignments or Homework: Which Is More Beneficial?

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Mathematics is the subject that can give you opportunity of scoring hundred percent marks. Now, acquiring hundred percent score needs proper practice. However, there is a question in front of students as well as teachers is which one is more beneficial between assignment and homework. Homework is good as it is regular work based on classes taken by your teacher. But, assignments are the selected questions or modified questions related to a chapter, and basically these are provided by experts. Let us discuss some important points to understand this fact that which one is better or beneficial either homework or assignment.

  • Homework means completing the chapter taught in your school

This is very clear that homework provided to the students are based on whatever your teacher have taught you in the class. But, it must be practiced every day. Doing homework daily is always beneficial to the students.

  • Homework is important to overcome the basic factors

Always know that homework or regular practice will eradicate your doubts and you can easily get confident over your doubts.

  • Your calculations, as well as application of different formulas and theories, will be clear

This is really very true that how to apply a formula and how accurate you solve the problems is very important. In case you are weak in this subject, then after regular practice of doing homework, you can easily get proper knowledge of the related topic in Mathematics.

So, you can say that homework is really a prominent part of your study. In addition, for academically weak students it is very important to increase knowledge and thus homework becomes beneficial to them.

What are the advantages of doing assignments? This is also important for you to compare and get the exact answer of the question that “Which one is beneficial assignment and homework?”

  • Assignments can boost up the grip over mathematics

Assignments means some important selected questions provided by the experts and sometimes these are the modified questions. So, to some extent these questions may be a bit difficult for the students than their regular homework. You can say that to have a good grip assignments are good and beneficial to the students.

Another question is Passion or Career oriented subjects: What should be the choice? Your perfect grip over a subject can easily clear this doubt. If you have a good grip over a subject which is career oriented, then no need to think about the passion which does not have any proper future.

  • Assignment can realize you about your fault

Suppose a student has a good grip over mathematics, but when he gets an assignment, then it may be difficult for him to solve all questions due to complexity. It means assignment realizes that where the fault of a student is.

  • Assignments enhance the knowledge in a better way

Assignments are bit different than homework, so it can give you a proper knowledge of the topic and makes you perfect in all ways. So, you should not avoid assignments anytime.

  • Comparison between homework and assignment

The prime difference is the way of questions provided to the students. Homework is meant solving of the problems which are available in your book only. However an assignment does not mean that. An assignment can be the collection of some difficult questions based on the same formula and theory. So, if you have a good knowledge, then you can solve almost all questions or may be a few questions. It will be difficult for weak students to solve at least 50% of the assignment questions.

  • Assignments are always based on your examination related questions

It indicates that if you have a good grip over an assignment provided, then undoubtedly you will get some proper idea about exams.

Which one is more beneficial?

Now, the final question is again the same and it is which one is more beneficial. Do you think it is assignment or it is your homework? The correct answer is each one is significant in your life. Until you clear your fundamentals or basics, you will not be able to complete your assignment in any way. So, only on the basis of your regular homework, you can enhance your knowledge, but it is also true that assignments always cover one step more than regular homework.

Finally, you cannot avoid anyone as if you think that assignments are important, then yes these are really important as well as beneficial to all students, but it is also true that by avoiding homework or by neglecting the questions of your homework, you will not be able to handle assignments. So, go with both of them as homework as well as assignment to score highest in the class and at every stage of educational level either it is high school level, college level or at university level. You have assignments in all level, but you should not forget the importance of doing homework.

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