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The median is basically a statistical term which used to find the average of data points. Median basically implies middle. In the theory of statistics, the median is basically one way of determining an ordinary group of numbers. The three common averages in the theory of statistics are —

  • The mean which is commonly regarded as average and found by adding all numbers and then dividing it by terms
  • The mode is an average number which is most often found in a group of numbers
  • The median number which is regarded as the best average number to use when you are having a set of data which contains outliers.

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How to find median numbers?

As we have discussed earlier, the median is basically the middle number of a group of numbers. There are mainly two possibilities exist through which you can find median numbers. Let’s have a look at them —

  • There exist an odd number of points. If you are trying to find out a median number from an odd point, you first need to arrange data points or numbers from small to largest and then start counting. You find the median number exactly in the middle.
  • There is an even number of data points. When you are having a set of numbers, you can find an even number of data points and thus, there will not be one number in the middle.

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