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The four terminal devices with Gate (G), Source(s), Drain(D) and Body(B) terminals are called MOSFET. The MOSFET body is often related with the Source(S) terminal device similar to a field effect transistor. The gate and the body are separated by a white colored insulating layer. This interesting subject matter can make you more glued to it if you go through MOSFET homework help.

How does MOSFET operate?

  • Operates as switches.
  • Out of the two power MOSFETs, each part can carry a blocking voltage of 120 volts while it is in on or off mode.
  • It can perform an unstoppable current flow of 30 amperes when it is on.
  • It has the potentiality of controlling a load as much as over 2000 watts.
  • When the switch is off, there is almost a negligible conduction of energy between the source drain and the terminals.
  • The positively charged gate attracts electrons thus allowing the free flow of electrons between the n-doped terminals while the switch is on.

We,, are here with our abundant knowledge on MOSFET for you. So don’t get worried and relax and go through our MOSFET assignment help. In MOSFET channels, silicon is the actual semi conductor choice. Recently various noteworthy chip producers like Intel and IBM have begun by using a chemical compound of germanium and silicon.

Gallium arsenide could not form a better semi conductor so MOSFET can’t use them. Due to the excessive current leakage from gate, silicon dioxide has been replaced by a high — K dielectric for the gate insulator. Poly silicon is also replaced by metal gates. MOSFET homework help can provide you the maximum support in learning MOSGET in an easy way.

The structure of metal oxide semi conductor:

The structure of metal oxide semi conductor is gathered by developing a layer of silicon dioxide. Above the silicon substrate, a layer of polycrystalline or of a metal is deposited. Silicon dioxide is a dielectric thing and one of its electrodes is substituted by another semi conductor.

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