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When a student or a scholar is asked to write a narrative essay he or she is expected to depict a story via the piece they construct. Narrative essays are the most accepted and standard pattern of telling a story or devising it in a literary pattern.

When a student is asked how to write a narrative essay the most common answer is describing a certain sequence of events or summarising an event on which he or she is reflecting on. Although they know the standard definition of what a narrative essay is, they do not follow the typical norms which set a piece apart from the rest.

“I had no idea writing a narrative essay could take up so much time!”

This is a common issue faced by students all over the world. Especially who are recently introduced to writing narrative essays and there is a single reason to blame for it. Students fail to understand the pattern of smart writing with the limited content they have in hand. As a result of this, they tend to exaggerate over a single point and prepare a mundane piece which both less scoring and low in content.

Breaking down narrative essays

Narrative essays should have the readers hooked till they reach the very last sentence of the entire content. In order to make an essay gripping, working on the vocabulary and sentence construction is of the utmost importance. If a student is worried about his staggering progress with composing essays, there are a few things he must take into account. Students must not entirely depend on using fancy words to add an edge to his story.

Readers love to into what they reflect about. They turn towards stories which are appealing to them and hence they can easily relate to. Hence using simple and commonly used words are more than enough to do the trick if constructed carefully.

Commonly encountered problems

“No matter how much I work on improving my writing skills, I end up scoring less. This is so disappointing!”

Whether is a typical essay, a research paper or a narrative essay for that matter, content is the king. The little details they count and make an essay persuasive and readable to the extent that the readers cannot stop until the very end.

Mastering the art of how to write a narrative essay is definitely a slower process as compared to the rest. This is because narrative essays are themselves more complex and elaborate than the usual articles students are accustomed to writing. They end up facing some very common issues which can be dealt with and clarified with practice and assistance.

Here some of the concerns students commonly face-

Problem 1.0

It is very common for budding writers to have a limited knowledge of grammar and correct spelling. But this is something that has to be fixed at the earliest to write a well-constituted and most importantly, grammatically correct narrative essay. If the writer does not have a good command of grammar, understanding how to write a narrative essay or a dissertation perfectly will be elusive.

The simplest of mistakes in articles or prepositions are easily detectable when a reader is going through a story. This is absolutely undesirable.

Problem 2.0

“The teacher asked me to add flow to the sentences I construct. What does that even mean?”

While writing narrative essay entirely losing track of the flow of the sentences is not appreciable. Adding flow to the sentences sums up to the process of pinning down the sequences in a manner which isn’t boring. Each sentence is connected to the previous thereby constituting an entire passage. There must be a prevalent synchronisation between each one of them.

A writer must take logic and sentence structure into consideration while framing an ideal piece. A person who can keep these footnotes in mind while knowing how to write a narrative essay can be concluded as a good writer in the making.

It is advisable for students to opt for professional help to assist them in the process of writing an essay. Especially for the ones who are newly introduced to it, expert guidance can prove beneficial.

Problem 3.0

It must be noted that academic writings must comply with some guidelines. Students must consider taking those patterns into account. They must pertain to some set objectives and writer must check the tone of the piece. Students often end up using words that they use in practice that is, while they are normally speaking.

They must know that those words don’t quite fit into an academic essay. Including those phrases might even cost them some valuable points.

The importance of seeking appropriate assistance

Owing to the rapid increase in the numerous distractions surrounding them, students sometimes get carried away. They fail to introspect and come up with impressive plots to construct a gripping story.

Reaching a creative blockade occurs more often than we realise. This also makes it difficult for the younger lot to gain correct perspective on important aspects. These factors ultimately lay a direct impact on the quality of essays they compose.

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