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Get an overview about Pascal — ISO 7185

Pascal — ISO 7185 is a programming language and the purpose is to ensure the portability of Pascal programs for final usage in a wide variety of data processing systems. There are different versions in it like the ISO 7185: 1983 and ISO 7185: 1990. This specialised computer programming language was actually created by the famous professor Niklaus Wirth.

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The main objectives behind this programming language

There are some objectives behind the creation of Pascal — ISO 7185. The first objective is to create such a language that is easy to comprehend as a systematic discipline and is based on the fundamental concepts. The second objective is to create such a language that can be implemented in a reliable and efficient manner on the computer systems.

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Information that you must know about this programming language

This is an imperative as well as a procedural kind of programming language and the initial conception began early in the years from 1968 but the final publishing was possible in the 1970s. The journey of this language began as a small and efficient language whose main ideology was to enable good programming practices with the help of data structuring and overall structured programming.

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