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What is Payroll Accounting?

It is one of the methods of accounting which is used by an organization to record compensation of each and every employees including:-

  • Their salaries, wages, bonuses and commission earned by the employees during financial year.
  • It will also include recording of payroll taxes along with Medicare taxes and society taxes.
  • Recording of employee’s premium along with its major contribution in savings plans and health plans.
  • Recording of fringe benefits of the employees related to dental insurance, vacations, paid holidays and insurance of worker compensation.
  • Recording of time card information where the total hours worked by the employees is recorded by the employer for payment process.

Procedure to Move for Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting is having special procedure which will help the learner’s in

Time reporting

  • This is the first task in payroll accounting where the learners will study about the basic steps in recording daily, weekly and monthly records for the employees.
  • Learners will also come across with special tools like time cards and electronic time clocks which help the employers to track the total hours worked by the employees.

Pay computation

This is the next step in payroll accounting where the learns will learn

  • Calculation of compensation of each employees
  • Pay rate is multiplied by total hours worked.

Pay distribution

This is the final task in payroll accounting which involves

  • Distribution of net pay by checking their accounts for deposits made by employers along with checking the mails. It can also be checked through debit cards which can be loaded later by the employers.

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