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What do you mean by the term Percentiles and Quartiles?

Percentile is the value of a measurement in which the particular data provided with a specific percentage to observe. Now, if you indicate that particular percentile is 85, then 85% of observation has been done.

Quartile is the data value set in which three points describe the four set of data in an equal way. These three points are indicated as Q1, Q2 and Q3.

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 What are the different points of Quartiles?

The different points and their descriptions are as follows —

  1. Q1 — This is the middle number that lies between the median and the smallest number of the data set. It is also known as lower quartile.
  2. Q2 — This indicates nothing more than median of the data set.
  3. Q3- This comes between the highest value and the median.

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What is the relation between Quartile and Percentile?

The relation between quartile and percentile must be clear to understand the determination. If Q1 or first quartile is there, then it is considered as 25th percentile. Second quartile or Q2 is known as the 50th Percentile and third quartile or Q3 is known as the 75th percentile.

Moreover, the different methods of finding out the value is known as computing methods and these are as follows —

  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3

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