Persuasive Essay Topics – Ideas You Need to Glue Your Audience to the Backseat

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Persuasive essays are important aspects of the syllabus which holds a significant amount of weightage. You may also face it in different types of competition where you have to write on topics which are convincing and engaging to grab the readers’ attention. However, many a time it becomes difficult for students like you to choose persuasive essay topics which can help you to voice down your opinions regarding the particular matter.

What is a persuasive Essay?

You might wonder what a persuasive essay is. Well, schools, college, universities and other competitive exam forums conduct exams where sometimes persuasive essay topics are part of it. You have to write on issues that are compelling and engaging enough to change the opinions of the readers.

However, to hold a strong opinion on the subject, one has to do extensive research on the topic for backing it up with information. Moreover, you should logically present your idea, with proper writing skill that would be engaging enough to add some value to your views.

How to write a persuasive essay topic?

Now, most people get stuck in the framing the right topic. To help you out, here’s a guide which can help you in getting the topic which can even win you competition.

  • Firstly, to choose a great topic, you must keep in touch with the latest news.
  • Now, after choosing a title, think on which aspect you are going to highlight and present your opinion. Also, decide on the state of your position in the paper.
  • Conduct a study on the target audience to find out whether it agrees to your point, remain indifferent, or opposes your opinion.
  • The most important part of writing a persuasive essay topic is to research thoroughly on the subject matter. Clear all your doubts so that you may be able to write down your ideas in a better manner. Also, make sure to collect evidence from a source that are no longer that 5 years. Tap authentic resources which can add value to your opinions.
  • Construct a structure of the paper. Make a list of the points that you would like to include or that has the most relevance. Also, maintain a logical order throughout the essay, and keep in mind the goal which you need to sustain till the last.
  • You can also include a statistical report, case studies, rhetorical questions, quote, anecdote, metaphor, etc. to make the essay a powerful one. Lastly, end the essay with a solid conclusion that would have a strong standpoint establishing your opinion.

Now, as you have got a general idea about how to write the perfect persuasive topic essays, let’s check on the various issues on which you can frame the topic to get the utmost readers’ attention.

  1. Sports persuasive essay topics

Sports are one of the trending topics which most of the people are interested in. On this subject matter, you will get plenty of ideas on which you can set your topics. A few examples are —

  • College athletes can be smart — Should you fall a prey to stereotypes?
  • The best ways to get relief from stress in sports
  • Should female trainers mentor women athletes?
  • The risks attached to drinking Red Bulls and other energy drinks
  • The NFL concussion rules and the peculiarities that prevail
  • Women are more prone to getting injured than their male counterparts
  • Chess — Should it be considered assport or game?
  • Can a great sportsman be a professional coach?
  1. Music persuasive essay topics

There are a variety of topics on music from where you can find the write one for your essay. Here is a list of those issues which can make a great topic.

  • The predictions for the next musical revolution
  • 70s pop music is better than Contemporary pop music
  • The role played by internet and world wide web in the development of online music and crash radio
  • Depressive soundtracks provoke the young generation to commit suicide — A critical analysis
  • The importance of music training before entering professional life
  • Is iPods the best device for listening to music?
  • Is it important to provide parental control on the tracks that consist filthy languages
  • Is it true that the producers have much power than the original bands and their teammates?

Numerous other topics can be found on this genre from where you can choose the right one for your essays. Other than this, there are multiple other issues that are given down below.

  1. College persuasive essay topics

A strong point can be established by taking issues like college that comprises one of the vital segments in students’ life. Here are the topics from which you can revolve your topic —

  • Can distant learning replace traditional classes?
  • Is the current taxation system unfair?
  • Online education — The pros and cons
  • Should food producers show the number of calories in each meal?
  • How to reform high school system?
  • International criminal activities or local terrorism — Which aspects should be looked upon?
  • Are mental hospitals okay for the patients with chronic disease?
  • Should we stop selling weapons to the rest of the world?

As you can see, numerous topics can be revolved from this central idea which you can consider to include it in your essays.

  1. Funny persuasive essay topics

To give your audience a different taste, you can consider bringing a humorous topic. For instance, you can write on what pets think about their masters, the clients can never be right, Mc Donald is the least favourite restaurant, Reasons to hate one’s last name, etc. All these topics will surely bring a wide smile to your readers.

Moreover, you can include other topics that are related to your day to day activities to make the article more enjoyable with an element of humour. However, while writing on this kind of topic, you need to have a great insight into the observation and writing skill.

So, as you have seen, there’s no dearth of persuasive essays topics. The only thing you have to do is keep your mind open for ideas.

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