Persuasive Speech Topics for College: A Discussion Regarding Speech Topics Which Will Make You a Highly Rated Speaker

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Whenever students are asked to give a speech on a particular topic, especially in college, they are always looking for unconventional topics. There are lots of persuasive speech topics for college that students make use of in order to stand out among the rest. You need to speak on a topic which you are really confident to speak. You can of course take time to research and even quote passages from books. This will make your speech quite effective and not appear as random rambling. When you have established yourself as a good speaker, people will generally be full of praises for you.

Study online or offline

There are many strong points that you can include if you are speaking about one of the persuasive speech topics for college, as to whether study online or in some school. When you are studying online, you can have a lot of flexibility. You can even work and continue with your studies. You may or may not choose to go through the live sessions. You can even interact with your classmates as well as teachers and engage in discussion regarding the topic. The same can be done in offline classes too.

When you have finished your online course, you will definitely gain a new skill. This can greatly advance your career. The environment where you work is extremely flexible in nature and so are class timings. When students go for online classes, they can literally lie in their bed and study certain things. You do not require commuting to particular places for your class too. There is absolutely no question of getting into a debt when studying from an online course. You will learn to develop a lot of self-discipline as you go through rigors of this online course. It will always keep you motivated and provide you with lots of options.

Importance of learning foreign languages

According to surveys, when you know more than two languages, it is immensely helpful as individuals. Hence learning a foreign language is not only mandatory for your CV, but also stimulates your intellect. Research has shown that brains of bilingual people are superior in comparison to one language speakers. Speaking in favor of learning a foreign language can therefore be one of the persuasive speech topics for college. Learning the foreign language, will definitely help you out with improving memory and enhance problem solving ability.

When you learn a foreign language, you become more accepting in nature and improve the diversity quotient in your life. Any language is not only used for communicating, but also for passing on cultures and traditions existing in a particular place. People, especially college going students are definitely in hunt of a job; this can become easier if you are learning a new language. The job of an interpreter is obviously interesting in nature and they even get retainers from organizations. Different organizations are always on the lookout for people who can converse well in foreign languages. Fields of marketing, hospitality, government etc. look for interpreters.

Should female quotas be present in different fields?

When you are looking for persuasive speech topics for college, female empowerment can definitely come to your mind. You can definitely look forward to stir some controversies if you begin speaking about making quotas for females in different sectors. There are lots of points to speak for and against such practices. The quota system for women would not be to end discrimination but to provide compensations for whatever women have not received during all these years. The experiences and viewpoints presented by women can provide a lot of diversity in an organization.

The male dominated political system often does not allow women to even stand in elections. When nay election takes place, it is more about representation rather than judging people by their qualifications. Introduction of quota system may cause some conflicts too and they have been discussed here too. The very system of quota goes against the policy of providing equal representation for all people. Many will even tell that the system is undemocratic in nature. Even within a particular organization, conflicts may arise if seats are booked according to quota. Your speech needs to strike a balance between the pros and cons of quota for women.

The creation of a wall will not solve immigration problem

The rise of fascism all over the world has prompted many people around the world to reconsider things related to illegal immigrants living in a country. Speaking on persuasive speech topics for college such as these, can therefore earn you brownie points. Building a wall to keep the immigrants out of a developed country is definitely not going to solve the problem. This is because illegal immigrants are already residing inside that country. There are cartels running between countries and these cartels can easily outsmart police and smuggle guns and drugs across the border. Loss of lives can take place if people try meddling into these operations.

Leaders have to say that creation of walls will prevent influx of terrorism in the country. Yet there is almost no credible source that provides information about terrorists crossing the border and entering the country. The economy can take a serious tumble on creation of these walls. As a lot of the workforce in a country is dependent on immigrant workers. You need to speak of these collateral damages while citing reasons that the wall will not keep away immigration.

Volunteer tutors to solve problems

The need of more tutors is the need of the hour in many countries. This is because more and more people are falling below the literacy level especially in the third world countries. The coming of the volunteer tutors will solve the problem of shortage of teachers. You can easily become one such tutor and work out things according to your schedule. You can therefore appeal and speak of the need for these tutors making them one among really persuasive speech topics for college.


There are loads of persuasive speech topics for college to speak on. During the course of your speech you need to remain composed and present your views in a really neutral tone. You need to keep a track of the pulse of the audience and keep them interested in your speech.

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