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This is a branch of science dealing with the study of properties and interactions of matter, time, space and energy.

It’s one of the oldest academic disciplines, if not the oldest in term of astrology. It is one of the major analysis of nature, guided in order to understand the behavior of the universe. Along with chemistry, physics is part of a rural philosophy. Physics is studied in schools so they can understand the science of matter, time space and energy. And with this information help with physics homework is achieved. Physics intersects many disciplinary research areas, including biophysics and quantum chemistry. Physics is said to have no defined boundary yet.

Physics makes good contribution so to the advancement of technology arising from theoretical backgrounds.

Physics and it’s associations
As physics is said to have no rigid boundaries, it is associated with different fields such as particle physics, atomic, molecular and optical physics, condensed matter physics, astrophysics the and applied physics.

These general fields of physics are also equipped with sub fields
1. Particle physics sub fields include nuclear astrophysics, nuclear physics, particle astrophysics, particle physics-phenomenology.

2. Atomic, molecular and optical physics subfields include atomic physics, atomic and molecularastrophysics,molecular physics, optics and photonic.

3. Condensed matter physics subfields include solid state physics, high pressure physics, low temperature physics, Nano scalephysics, molecular physics, mesoscopic physics, and polymerphysics.

4. Astrophysics subfields include astrometry,astronomy, cosmology, gravitational physics, high energy astrophysics, planetary astrophysics, solarphysics, plasma physics, space physics, and stellarastrophysics.

Applied physics subfields include accelerator physics, acoustics, biophysics, chemical physics, communication physics, econophysics,agrophysics, engineering physics, fluid dynamics, laser physics, material physics, geophysics, medical physics, nanotechnology, optics, optoelectronic, photovoltaic, physical chemistry, photonics, physics of computation, solid state devices, quantum chemistry, plasma physics, vehicledynamics, quantum electronics, quantum information science.

Ontology (a branch of metaphysics which addresses the nature or essential characteristics of beings and things that exists), is prerequired for physics, but not mathematics. Physics is mainly concerned with real world descriptions while mathematics is mainly concerned with abstract figures and patterns probably beyond those of real world. Statements in physics are synthetic and contains theories. The predictions in physics match observed and experimental data. This shoes it is distinct from mathematics.

Applied physics, a general term for research in physics is intended for a particular use.

Physics is used in engineering. An understanding of physics can make for more realistic video games, flight simulators and movies. Physics is used to study things which ordinarily will be drowned in uncertainty.

Research in physics
Research in physics is associated with
Scientific method —this is used to test how valid a physical theory is. In that sense, experiments and observations are made in order to determine the validity of a theory, as well as invalidity of the theory.

Theory and experiments — although they are separately developed, they depend on each other strongly. Progress in 0hysics usually come about when experimental discoveries are made that theories cannot explain, or when new theories are able to generate experiments with testable predictions, that inspire newer experiments. Physics is sometimes called a fundamental science because it covers a wid3 phenomenal range from quarks, neutrinos, electrons to the largest clusters of the galaxies, and included in this phenomenon are basic objects that make up other things. The aim of physics is to describe the various phenomenon that occurs in nature in simpler terms.

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