Preschool Homework- Is It A Good Idea or Not?

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Kids are like flowers.

You have to nourish them and take care for them to bloom the way they are supposed to.

If you do not, they grow to be someone reflecting your efforts.

You cannot blame them, can you?

When a potter builds a pot, it’s not the pot who is to be credited, rather the potter who put his soul and efforts to turn his vision into reality. His efforts were the reason behind crafting such a vivid piece.

Likewise, children are a blessing to the ones who get an opportunity to see them grow and bloom. What you do, how you do, shall be reflected in the young, innocent brains and they will mirror you. Let’s say you will be the perfect idol, the apt role model for them while they nurture.

Therefore, every little decision you take, every small step you make is essential. In the present running era, we barely get time to breathe free air. Raising children is no less responsibility. Their welfare, health, and career are what strike every parent the focal point in raising their young ones. Schooling is no less than a challenge.

In the 21st generation, we see kids beginning their schooling from the prenursery stage itself. Long gone are those days where children started learning ABCD in the kindergarten phase. It isn’t a bad idea to send your kids to preschool classes where they begin socializing with other kids and start learning in a playful manner. In this blog piece, we shall find out more about the dos and don’ts of the same. Let’s see!

Preschool Homework

Among rest of the factors relating to preschool education, parents are conflicted regarding preschool assignments. As a student, chores would be our pal in our day-to-day life. However, the idea of burdening oneself with tasks and homework from the very nurturing stage sounds no less than torture.

Why Preschool homework?

Imagine on day 01; a child learns A for apple looking at an apple dummy while recognizing the color red. He, after that, finds a few crayons and absorbs the various colors one after another. Now on day 02, the baby will start afresh with his new mood to learn or play along with the other kids.

Now let’s manipulate the scenario a little bit. Let’s, instead, ask the baby’s parent to show him the set of crayons once he reaches home and let him recognize the colors once again. Now what? Was there a burden on the baby concerning the preschool homework? Nope! Did the baby find it difficult to grasp the knowledge? Nope. In fact, it helped him absorb the matter quite easily and precisely.

No- to certain kinds of Preschool homework

See there are types of assignments one may assign depending on whom you are allocating. If you are attributing it to a two-three-year-old, it shouldn’t be bound within the traditional folds of assignment. Instead, try to define it more playfully and joyously. It can ensure that the parents do not forget that their babies are toddlers and not grown-ups while helping them. Moreover, the essential reason being, the toddlers consider the homework fascinating and a part of their playful routine and not otherwise.

Homework worksheets are old school techniques. It’s like doubling one’s youthful age and cornering the kiddo with loads of sheets and assignment papers. That is a strict no for preschool education.

I have come across parents who are rather enthusiastic to load their toddlers with traditional forms of preschool homework. Now that’s a bit absurd.

A young one is supposed to look at nature and appreciate the vividity of hues. He is supposed to count the number of colors in the rainbow while acknowledging the shape of the clouds in the blue expanse of the sky. He must not be made to write ABCD 50 times on a paper or learn 1, 2, 3… 10 times per day.

Give it a break!

Yes- to certain kinds of Preschool Homework

Let us see some things that both the teacher and parents should encourage their little angels from their very flowering stage.

  • Reading-

It is one of the habits that every human being should have irrespective of what he does and who he ultimately becomes. Teachers can read aloud different children based stories in a class full of toddlers. That helps build their imagination from the very little age. In many cases, you will find their creativity nurturing with their age. How beautiful is that?

  • Bedtime stories-

The preschool teachers may ask the parents to read to their children bedtime tales before they fall asleep. This is a silent form of Preschool homework that doesn’t strain the children’s mind. It, somewhat, helps them build castles and fly to the space in rockets. It is a form of invoking positive spirits in the young souls.

  • Colors and shapes-

Now parents may teach their babies the form and colors of whatever object they come across. Be it the ball they love or the plane they fly. Learning from sight and touch is very impactful.

  • Names-

Many must have come across children who can say their name quite fluently, some may even spell it, and others can write it. It’s nothing less than a miracle. Thanks to the parents and teachers too. Teaching the little ones their first name followed by their last name is a series of progression one should make as a part of their preschool homework. That can be interesting.

We came across the do’s and don’ts of Preschool homework on this blog. We now know what is right and wrong for our babies. While running and chasing for our needs and desires in this competitive world, we often take things for granted. We forget that our children are young and flowering. They need to learn what is right and evil. We cannot strain their innocent minds due to our competitive spirit. Instead, we should let them grow at their own pace.

Moreover, we, as parents, teachers, and guardians, should encourage their growth and guide them in the right direction so that the sunflower blooms towards the course of the sun.

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