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Prisoners’ Dilemma: From Conflict to Cooperation, Learn Everything!

Concept ofPrisoners’ Dilemma:

Prisoners’ Dilemma is a gaming concept analyzed by Game Theory, which is described in Economics. Deep knowledge and perfect understanding is required to deal this matter and hence, Prisoners’ Dilemma Assignment Help is highly demanded for reducing all the doubts regarding this topic. Study guides or manuals can be helpful enough and through them, pupils can make completion to their studies. But before everything else, one should stay well-informed about the concept of game theory found in Economics.

How to define Game theory?

Not only Economics but also Psychology, Logic, Political Science describe Game Theory from their own perspectives. Game theory is basically a formal study of Mathematical models to make decisions. Modern Game Theory highlights mixed-strategy. This is totally a rational concept where one player’s decision can easily affect the role and interest of the other. Prisoners’ Dilemma, discovered by Merrill Flood and Melvin Dresher,is the concept that comes under this theory and Prisoners’ Dilemma Assignment Helpwould allow every student to learn from the root level.

Basics of Prisoners’ Dilemma:

Generally, the concept or here the dilemma is surrounding two different prisoners who had been members of a criminal gang and were caught by the police and given separate confinement. Now, both have two offers or options. Each prisoner can either save himself by cheating on the other or can cooperate his friend by remaining speechless in front of the prosecutors or police. Thus, conflict and cooperation are the two common factors which play major roles in this theory.

However, the offers from the prosecutors can be defined like this way:

  • If both betray each other, each of them has to serve 2 years in jail.
  • If the first one betrays the latter though the latter one maintains silence, the former one will get freedom and the latter one has to serve in jail for 3 years (and vice versa).
  • If both remain quiet, both of them get punishment for serving 1 year in jail (on the lesser charge).

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