Process Control of Designs Concept in Chemical Engineering and the Problems Faced by the Student

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Chemical engineering is a branch which deals with the principles of economics, chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology for the usage, production, transportation, and transformation of energy, chemicals, and materials.

Students have to go through hard times while learning chemical engineering and face difficulties in its breathing taking topics.

One of the strenuous topics of chemical engineering is the process control of designs. The process design is one in which the sequencing and the choice of the units are made for material to transform it physically or chemically.

It is used to show up the designs of new facilities and also can be used to modify and expand the existing facilities. Students have to learn them perfectly and understand the process design in an efficient way to use them in different areas of industry.

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What is process control design?

The process control design should have the correct combination of technology and the different units of the industries to achieve the desired goal. The design should fit the requirement of the process and should have the needed document to ensure a successful business plan.

The process control design should include the following documents:

Block flow diagrams (BFD)

A flow diagram simply with rectangles and lines to indicate the energy flow and the major industrial or business materials. Do not need much detailing and could be designed by simple steps.

Process flow diagrams (PFD)

To indicate the major operational units and flow lines, the process flow diagram is a bit complex one with proper detailing and more compound diagrams. Also, they are used especially to indicate the material balance and at times energy balance. Where the plans could be made successfully by showing flow rates of the design along with stream composition, and equipment temperature and pressure.

Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID)

These diagrams help to show each pipeline along with the piping class (stainless steel or piping steel) and also the diameter of the pipe that is the pipe size. The process control schemes, valving, and locations of the instruments could be easily sown with piping and instrumentation diagrams.


The major equipment should be specified with written requirements as per the design and need to be very accurate so that the process diagrams work according to the plan with no errors.

All such concepts are needed to be learned in chemical engineering by the students and they need to be accurate with all the process control diagrams. The homework and assignments are twisted with difficult solutions and students have to manage them anyhow to get better grades and a successful degree of a chemical engineer.

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Design reflections

Before designing any of the chemical process units you should consider several things which are really important in process design. The process design is done when the product’s throughput rate, purity, and yield are once defined. These are the 3 main requirements which the entire product need to have before a design is conceptualized.

  • The other important part of the designing are the constraints which include:
  • The capital cost which industry has to take the process design plan into action
  • The amount of space available for the yielding process.
  • Concerning about the safety that is the environment and the health safety of the people involved.
  • To consider the environmental impact of a project through the affluent and the emissions of the harmful gases and liquids to the natural water bodies.
  • The waste generated should be recycled and to avoid wastage as much as possible.
  • The overall cost of the operations and the maintenance of a chemical process.
  • The reliability of the product that is its ability to work as per your stated plans should also be considered and reflected with complete study and understanding about the product.
  • Redundancy for the backup as there may be situations where a components duplication may be needed.
  • Variability and flexibility in the product is the last thing to reflect and your process design is completed with all the important constraints

These constraints are an important part of any process design and need to be considered in the right way for each one. The students need to understand such complex and minute part of the process control design to frame the best answers and increase their knowledge as well. The chemical engineering assignments are not that easy as you must be thinking of before entering in this field.

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The designers can’t make the process design from any sort of scratch they need and when there are complex projects then it becomes more difficult. They need a pilot plan data which is available to the engineers to get started with the process design. The chemical engineer has a really tough job and their studies are tough as well.

What problems do students face while studying the discipline of chemical engineering?

Chemical engineering is one of the challenging subjects to a student where there are lots o competitions and trilling projects to become the best out of others. When a student is studying chemical engineering he has a good scope of work as this discipline is touching everything in society.

  • Considering the recycling innovations,
  • The treatment of the diseases,
  • Generation of energy
  • The water cleanliness programs, and more.

It has touched so many aspects of our lives and it really has great importance.

Students need to give their 100% to achieve success in this branch and they need to do hard-work, be dedicated and have lots of motivations. Lack of knowledge in this branch makes the student feel stressed and always worried about the results. To study under pressure is not that easy and half of the students lose marks due to this reason. The students face many difficulties like:

Math and science theories

The chemical engineer should have a good knowledge about maths and science where they can develop their skills to come over technical problems in an industry that too with safety and economic consideration.

Maths and science is a complicated part of chemical engineering where there could be many situations to find the solutions but not getting the correct answer for the homework and the assignments. At points, they get really frustrated with the confusing and time-consuming questions and lead to either procrastination or late submissions.

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The other difficulties

Along with maths and science, the branch has applied physics, inorganic chemistry, computer programming, communication skills, electrical and electronic engineering, environmental chemistry, physical chemistry, thermodynamics, mechanical operations, organic chemistry etc. in its course-work.

Already worried?

Reading such heavy names make a student feel depressed already without opening the book. But it is very important to keep a positive attitude towards this discipline and be focused towards their goal to become a good chemical engineer. A lot of studies but not understanding the concepts will make the students get confused more. Instead, they should try for a health study and though they get to understand a little but worth to increase their knowledge.

There are also many other difficulties in the life of a chemical student like the busy and tiring college schedules, projects, and the extra-curricular activities which can affect the quality of their homework and assignment. Students should know how to manage time with each activity to achieve success in every task with the best performance. It may be your attendance or the project you should be very particular towards each task and try to take help of the resources near you to achieve success.

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A better future is before you

The chemical engineer is always rewarded with high pays and there is a lot of scope in this subject. The society is linked with the so many aspects of chemical engineering principles like pharmaceuticals, design and construction, biotechnology, environmental health, and the industry safeties, polymers, food processing, business services and plans, chemical specialties, microelectronics and more.

The chemical engineers have a bright future and good salaries if you have good grades and amazing performance in your academics. And for this, you have to be very particular with your homework and assignments to learn better for better future results. At cooperate level you need to apply your technical knowledge, communication skills, and teamwork abilities to prove yourself and stand out of others. And for seeking the correct knowledge is very essentials.

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