Why Program Evaluation & Review Technique Is Important Learn from Experts

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Explain the term “PERT”

Program Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT) comes with the ability to easily break the project into different events and activities. It is an effective way to manage things in proper sequences and duration when we emphasize on network. Project management technique actually reflects the time which is further consumed by different section of project. Finally, it is a solution that allows in calculating the total time taken while completing the project.

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Conditions to be fulfilled

While implementing PERT, there are fee conditions that needs to be fulfilled:

  • Activities should be identifiable from the beginning till the end of project
  • Project should be flexible enough that can help to manage different sequences and timings which can be accommodated
  • Nothing much should be interrelated to the activities that is found in this project

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Why PERT is so important?

PERT is said to be the process where activities involved in a project helps to stay independent of each other and it can further be useful in evaluating standard deviation of slack time and other activity involved. Program Evaluation & Review technique assignment help make you aware of the technique that is very much important and in order to perform the task on time it is vital to adopt PERT.

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