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I love coding. Do you? Maybe or maybe not, but I am sure you are here to know more about this particular programming language. Say, I need to build a web application or maybe carry out some small automated activity on my computer system, I always opt for python! This is the reason I used to spend most of the time to do my python homework at school.

It was just last week when I was helping my niece with her python homework answers, and I realized how easy it was to explain her because of its readability as a programming language. I personally adore python. I will tell you the reasons later in this article, for now let’s take a glimpse at the basics.

First impression!

Python is an interpreted dynamic high level language which can be used for general purpose programming. It was created by Guido Van Rossum in the early 1990s and named after Monty Python. Python is used by millions of people for various tasks like building video games, powering media apps, testing microchips and others. If you are totally new in this field, you can always go for free online python help.

Eternal love for python

Yes, you read that right. I am basically a hard core fan of python for its readability, libraries, and universal characteristics. So, this fascination towards python started when I was in high school and my friends would often come to for doing their python homework answers. Back then I started indulging myself in those things a lot. I was kind of like the geek god there!

The perks of knowing python

This particular language has multifarious uses in software development firms like video game building, graphic designing, prototyping, coding snippets, web framework development, complex data analysis, scientific and numeric computation, language development and many others.

Let’s take a glimpse at its applications!

  • Web development:

Python provides many options like frameworks (Django, Pyramid), micro-frameworks like Flask, and others.

  • Scientific and numeric computations:

SciPy, Pandas, IPython, software carpentry course are required for data analysis, teaching basic skills and other things. These tools can also be helpful for practical assignments to solve python homework answers.

  • Platform wise tools:

GTK plus, Microsoft foundation classes, wxWidgets, Kivy are specific toolkits offered by python.

Software development programs like Scons, Buildbot, Roundup, Trac for build capabilities as well as management.

  • Education and academics:

It can be up-taken as a serious career option as well for teaching purpose. The best part is students often require help for python homework answers given in their school, so then you can also start your own coaching classes.

Specialised features!

Currently, python is a favourite amongst the programmer crowd due to its ubiquitous nature. Don’t have to think much, I’ll jot down its miracle features which might just sway you off your feet.

  • This dynamic language supports multiple prototypes such as functional, object oriented as well as essential programming. Not only that you can run a python program on any platform.
  • Very easy to learn and understand because no more brackets, man! Compared to other computer languages which have a countless number of braces throughout a program code.
  • Interpreted natural style.
  • Excellent string manipulation.
  • Ideal for web scraping, scripting and quick application.
  • It has an enormous library collection as well.

My niece started doing her python homework answers by herself after just 1 month of coaching from python tutors near me. That makes me very glad, because python is probably the future if you love computer science and want to opt for a career in it.

Love it or hate it but you can’t ignore it

So are you a YouTube fanatic? Or maybe you love posting pictures on Instagram! Well, do you know that in today’s world python is involved in almost everything? Sites like Quora, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and many others all of them have been using python for their web development purposes.

Video games like Vega Strike, Battlefield 2, Bridge commander and application like bit torrent, Juice everyone uses python. The list is humongous and if I keep mentioning everything it will probably never finish. That is the reason that in most of the high school python exercises for beginners are being given a lot.

Everything has its limitations!

Python’s popularity has been increasing at a booming rate. Students have been doing their python homework answers on their own because the language is so simple to understand. But as we know everything has its pros and cons so does our beloved python!

  • Slow speed: well, compared to languages like C and C++, python id relatively slow because it uses an interpreter in place of a compiler.
  • Not really helpful for mobile computation.
  • Requires more testing time and often has run time errors.
  • The database access layer is primitive as compared to JDBC.

But, for me it doesn’t really matter. I really admire python and have been helping a few students to do their python homework answers by starting my private coaching classes.

Get a reality check

Probably the site at which you are reading this is made by python. The channel where you watch videos is made by it. The folders and files you put in a drop box are all stored through python. The kid in your neighbourhood also plays a video game made using python. Hell, yeah! Python is everywhere, just knowing that will give you an idea of how important it is in our daily lives. At this moment every school student needs help for doing their python homework answers.

Let me give you a high-level example. The scientists in NASA also use this particular language for their scientific work and data analysis.

Ok, ok. I Hope you get it, right?

Hurry up!

I think you already have a basic idea about this programming language. If not, I would suggest you to quickly enrol yourself in any of the online tutorial programs and download a python practice problems pdf so that you can practice and get a hold on that language. You will require it in your future for some or the other purpose. I assure you happiness and confidence once you get expertise in it. You know the extra benefit? You don’t have to spend money on sending your child for coaching classes. You can help them with their python homework answers.

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