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These Are the Advantages of the Queuing Theory

Queuing theory is the study of that theory which is mainly based on the statistics, probability theory and other fields of Mathematics. The main motive of this theory is to come up with some models that will help in describing queues along with processes that are behind these queues.

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Queuing theory explained in details

This theory mainly proposes some models that will help in describing processes and queues that are working behind them. In this theory these queues are mainly modelled on stochastic processes. These are again based on probability distributions and are unsystematic functions. There are a number of applications of this theory. You can make use of this theory for designing the database that is based on internet, the various computer systems as well as the computer systems.

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There are a number of problems in industry as well as business that can only be solved by making use of queuing theory. It is not at all possible to properly determine how many customers will arrive and depart in a particular case. However, with the help of this theory you will certainly be able to determine the number of customers as well as the facilities that can be provided to certain customers. You can also make use of this theory to understand a lot of problems.

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Problems that this theory will help you to solve

There are a lot of problems that can be solved easily by making use of this queuing theory and in order to know about these problems a little better, you can go through points that are mentioned below:

  • You will be able to plan, sequence and schedule various components and parts in order to assemble various lines that are there in a production system.
  • You are required to schedule workstations as well as machines that perform various operations when mass production is being undertaken.
  • You will also be able to first schedule and then despatch various materials related to war.
  • This theory will also help you to schedule various services in a repair and maintenance shop.
  • You can schedule used aircraft assemblies and also engines by making use of this theory. Apart from this you can also use transport fleet and missile systems.
  • You will be able to schedule transport fleet and therefore a large number of users will be able to use them.
  • Scheduling of take-off as well as landing of the aeroplanes that have limited facilities and heavy duty traffic.
  • You can also replace the machinery, plant and specially maintain certain tools and other equipment making use of this particular theory.

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The applicability of queuing theory

If you want to know about applications of queuing theory then you can go through the points that are mentioned below:

  • Queuing theory is quite a simple theory

This is a theory that helps you to explain certain processes and methods that are mainly used in Mathematics. If you use this theory, then you will certainly be able to go beyond the economic models, plain language as well as pure observation. You can simply apply probabilistic distributions that include both exponential as well as poison distributions.

The phenomena of standing in a queue are quite difficult to explain but Mathematicians can surely do so by making use of queuing theory. This can be explained with the help of a very simple mathematics equation. Later Mathematicians will be able to analyse these equations and predict behaviour. If you are preparing an assignment on the queuing theory then you can certainly take our help. We will help you to prepare an assignment that is of highest quality and help you to get the best queuing theory assignment help.

  • This theory is also referred to as the coefficient of variation

Queuing theory models are grounded on exponential distribution. The main disadvantage of this coefficient of variation is that it has an exponential distribution of one. So it preludes modelling those processes that has coefficient of one. This is a random process that has a variation of one and so its application is much lesser than it should ideally be.

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  • Assumptions

Assumptions of queuing theory are less and are also irrational. In fact if you take the example of human queues then you will have to make certain assumptions that might be a little unrealistic. According to this theory it is believed that human behaviour can be determined. Assumptions that are there are nothing but certain rules about what a person should do. A classic example of the assumption is that a person would not enter a queue if there are already too many people lined up there. But actually this is not true because you will see a lot of people queuing outside a particular store.

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