Research Paper Introductory Paragraph: The Glue That Will Hold the Readers to Your Paper

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During our school or graduation days, we have gone through research paper assignments every semester which made our life a little closer to hell. In school days, things were a little easy as the research paper topics were little easier than what we used to get during our undergraduate or master’s days. The topics which were meant for school students required less research and the Internet was sufficient to do the job properly.

During the time of graduation, it was a different ball game. The information available on the Internet was of little use and we needed professional help from scholars who belonged to that particular field. There are many students who find it really difficult to even frame a good research paper introductory paragraph.

What is the importance of the research paper introductory paragraph?

It may seem very easy initially to write a nice research paper introductory paragraph but when we actually get to work that we realize how difficult the task is. The introduction to an essay is difficult to write as it creates that initial interest in the reader’s mind. In a research paper, the task is much harder as in these types of essays the writer needs to find that perfect length.

The introduction to the essay should neither be very long which will drain the interest from the reader’s mind nor should it be too small that it will not even generate any interest. The research paper introductory paragraph should be long enough to provide that basic outline of the paper and short enough to hold on to the reader’s patience.

How will a good research paper introductory paragraph improve your work?

We live in a world which is day by day becoming faster paced. For instance, when we search anything on Google we generally check the first few results and never bothered to check what is there on the next page.

We have seen many readers who do not even know that Google has several pages of results and we can access those pages if we scroll down and click those pages accordingly. This made the job of a web designer a lot harder. Nowadays, the job of the web developer is not complete just by creating a nice, informative website. He needs to optimize that website so that the visibility of the page is better and more people visit. To make things even easier for our reader to understand the importance of research paper introductory paragraph, suppose you are in Burger King and ordered a Chicken Burger; you are waiting on the counter for your order to arrive. That smell of that arriving burger which increases your hunger by two folds that is how important the introduction is to your research paper.

The steps to follow while writing a research paper

We hope our readers have realized how important the introduction is to your essay, now let us make your life a bit easier and help with writing a research paper along with its introduction. If our reader is someone who is an undergraduate student, firstly start collecting the relevant information for your paper.

The research paper introductory paragraph is important as it sets the initial tone of your paper but thorough research for the paper should be the most essential part of            your paper. There are several sources from where one can collect information. One can refer the Internet or visit some libraries.

The chances are higher that you will get more accurate information from the books on the dusty shelves of the library rather than the Internet. In spite of all these attempts, if you still feel more information is required to write your paper, you can easily get in touch with your professor or with someone who has prior experience in that particular field.

Once you feel sufficient information is available to write the paper now turn your attention to framing your research paper introductory paragraph. There are many of us who do not possess excellent writing skills; a solution is there for people like this as well.

There are many writing agencies which mostly operate online who can help you with the job. These agencies have an arsenal of skilled professionals who will do the job on your behalf. The writers who work for these agencies have prior experience and knowledge in their respective fields and provide with premium quality of work.

All student needs to do is get in touch with them via mail or phone and provide a detailed requirement to them. The next will involve paying for the service and always ensure you have provided them with a correct deadline date. Most of the agencies have the reputation of delivering the work within deadline.

For the students, those who confidence in their writing skills can avoid such agencies and do the work himself. Now in the research paper introductory paragraph, if it is based on some scientific grounds open the essay by providing some mind-blowing fact which is the conclusion of some survey. For example,

“A research conducted by XYZ firm has concluded their survey stating that 20% of the total lifetime income is spent on hospital and medical bills.”

How a good research paper introductory paragraph grabs the reader’s attention.

From the very first line, you have successfully grabbed the attention of your readers. Now, the reader will be forced to read the entire paper to know further regarding this survey. This is where your days of research work will come into play.

The goal of your paper should be to enlighten your reader; provide them with facts and statistics which will further cement your point.  Since the research paper is the fruit of your collected information do not hesitate to give your personal opinion to improve the situation.

A positive opinion can create a positive impact on the reader’s mind and it will help you to fetch better grades in your semester exams. The objective of your writing the paper should be to create a positive impact as well as providing with sufficient information which will make your paper worth reading.