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What is Risk Management Technique?

While developing a financial plan for your business, you will come across a number of risks relating to your business entity, individual entity or organisation. Risk Management Technique is a systematic approach that can identify and measure and control those risks.

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Techniques of Managing Risks:

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  1. Risk Identification:

Identification of the threats that risk an organization is the first step. It will determine the next techniques that will help in eliminating those risks.

  1. Risk Assessment and Analysis:

In this step, the reason or cause behind the occurrence of that risk is determined. The level or extent of the risk is assessed and analysed in this process.

  1. Risk control:

After assessing the risks and their extent or level, they need to be controlled. Safety measures are taken into consideration and implied to avoid them.

  1. Monitoring risks:

Once risks are controlled and proper measures are implied to control them, they need to be monitored. Monitoring ensures risks are managed throughout the time.

Key factors to manage risk:

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  • Avoid risk

Take steps to avoid those activities that can lead to occurrence of risk.

  • Reduce risk

In case those activities that can lead to the occurrence of risk cannot be avoided, at least the activities need to be minimized and reduced.

  • Transfer risk

The risks can be transferred to another entity such as insurance companies.

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