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Sampling theory is all about statistics involved with analysis, collection and interpretation of data gathered from random samples. This sampling theory is not only concerned with the proper selection of observations that constitute a random sample, but also it involves the use of probable theory along with prior knowledge and parameter used to analyse the data from random samples. The definition of this theory clearly depicts it involves some complex aspects that are really too difficult to understand. Students need to give enough time to understand all these theoretical aspects which they can’t. To help students to deal with this subject, Sampling Theory Assignment Help has come up.

What are the advantages associated sampling theory over enumeration?

  • Reduce the level of cost and enlarge scope

The sampling theory involves the collection of data over a group of small number of units and this ultimately reduced the cost involved in the collection of information.

  • Better organisation of work

With sampling theory, it is better to manage the collection of small number of units in a census. Therefore, it indicates the better organisation of work.

  • Help to achieve greater accuracy

The persons involved in the collection of data are basically trained persons who can collect data more accurately both in the case of small number of units and large number of units.

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