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Semiconductor Physics Is the Growing Trend That Needs Help

Look around yourself! What do you see? Science and technology everywhere, right?If we leave aside the older technologies like, lights and fans, we still have the modern ones. There are AC’s, computers, phones, TV’s etc. Do you know, what is common in them? Electronics! The most common technology indispensable in modern science and development, is electronics. If one decides to get into present day communication engineering, electronics is everything there.

For those who do not know, you must be wondering, “How is electronics related to the subject concerned here?”There is the most direct connection.Electronic technologies would not have been possible without semiconductors. That is why; this topic is so important in learning electronics and is essentially a part of academic syllabus. Hence, we have brought Semiconductor Physics assignment help to assist its students.

The underlying properties and physics of semiconductors are different from metals or insulators. They are perfect for the special mathematical and logical systems used in electronics. That is why, it is suggestible not to neglect this topic or atleast take our Semiconductor Physics homework help.

The basic elements

The elements which have properties in between conductors and insulators are called semiconductors.With application of voltages around 1 to 5 Volts, current flowing through metals is in Ampere range. That flowing through insulators is Micro ampere range or less. In semiconductors, it is in Milli-ampere range.

This range of current is detectable in electronic systems and hence is the only ones that can be used in electronic setups. This is because, electronics functions on low currents in milli range.Moreover, semiconductors have two types of charge carriers: electrons and holes. This is different from metals, where conduction is carried out with help of only free electrons. More details of these how’s and why’s can be dealt with our Semiconductor Physics assignment help.

Now, the question arises, “What are semiconductors?” Elements like silicon, germanium and even compounds like gallium arsenide, Aluminum phosphide, etc. are all examples of semiconductors.They are majorly of two types:

  • Intrinsic or pure
  • Extrinsic or doped

The latter has extensive use in electronics. Here the concept of doping is very important. It refers to adding of impurity or a different element into the semiconductor. Creating crystal defects is the major idea of doping and it is necessary for practical applications with these devices.Doping too is of two types:n and p type. More questions from doping parts can be assigned and can be answered by Semiconductor Physics homework help.

The most popular devices which are built from semiconducting crystals are:

  • Diode
  • Transistors

A diode is built by joining a p type and an n type end to end.Since it has two parts, it is named diode. Its most notable feature is that it allows notable current in only one direction. That is why it is also sometimes called diode valve.

But, how is this device useful in any way? The idea of valve gives the answer. It can turn bidirectional flow of current to unidirectional, i.e. it can help to convert AC signal to DC. This action is called a rectifier. It can also be specially designed as a Zener diode, which is used as voltage regulator. Zener diode is an extremely important topic for assignments and hence in Semiconductor Physics assignment help.

Transistors are popular as amplifiers and signal receptors.They are used in microphones and loudspeakers to amplify sounds. They are also actively used in radiosand antenna TVs to catch signal and amplify it.

Transistors are mainly of four types:

  • Bipolar Junction (BJT)
  • Junction Field Effect(JFET)
  • CMOS

The first one is a current operated device, while the latter ones are all potential or voltage operated. They all have their applications in different fields of analog and digital electronics.

Digital electronics

The most recent devices like computers and mobiles are all digital devices. And guess what the basis of that is? Semiconducting crystals!Diodes and transistors have the most wide spread implication in digital electronics. In digital systems there is only one language prevalent and that is binary. It has only two values or bits: 0 and 1, i.e. low or high. Although binary is not directly a part of Semiconductor Physics homework help, yet it should be a concern.

In physicality of electronic devices, binary bits refer to high voltage (~ 5 V / 12 V) and low voltage (~ 0 V)these can be measured using a sensitive voltmeter. That is no problem. But along with this comes binary calculations and logic. This logic follows a special binary algebra called the Boolean algebra.

To realize this algebra, we require special mathematical operators called logic gates. They can be realized in the world only with help of semiconductors. Diodes and transistors are indispensable in designing a logic gate or circuit. Some examples of logic gates are:

  • AND
  • NAND
  • OR
  • NOR
  • NOT
  • XOR
  • XNOR

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