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Since the dawn of education, it is completely necessary for students to take assignments and homework for granted. They can always expect them to be provided with some or other kind of assignments that will challenge them for sure.

As times are changing there is no doubt that topics for these assignments are becoming more sophisticated. The solutions and answers to these are thus expected to be more sophisticated, creative and unique.

No matter whatever the scenario is one thing that certainly cannot be ruled out is the fact that the students still need to provide with high quality and excellently informative assignments.

What do you mean by informative assignments?

By informative assignments people can expect them to have following features in them:

  • Information:

This is one thing that informative assignments should necessarily have. They should have a lot of information that people should have had collected. All these information are very important as these help understand that how hard the students have worked for the assignments.

  • Relevant information:

This is another best feature that informative assignments should necessarily have. By relevant information people should be able to assume that this information is related to the given topic and not only to the subject. It should be able to describe what the topic is all about necessarily.

  • Unique information:

This information in these informative assignments shouldn’t be ones that are already present in text books from the class. These information should be unique and different from the rest. Students should be able to provide with this kind of information.

  • Easy to explain:

These information collected should be easy to explain. Students should know that if they themselves do not understand these then making others understand about these will be difficult.

  • Organized:

Every informative assignment definitely comes in an organized way. This is only because that the students have a clear concept on information that they have collected. It is their confidence and their increased knowledge in the same that helps them present with an extremely organized assignment.

  • Filled with examples:

Any informative assignment is supposed to come with this feature surely. Students who have enough information on topics can make sure that they have an ample amount of examples to prove their information is relevant and true as well. These examples are much needed in order to understand their perspective in the topic.

Why mentors look for informative assignments?

There are many reasons why mentors look for informative assignments. Following are few of various reasons why they look for them:

  • Knowing something new:

With informative assignments one thing can be sure, that both students and mentors will be able to come across something new. Not everything can be known by a teacher but what a student can do is provide them with something new that they may have found and thus let them know about the same as well.

  • Sharing something new with others:

If mentors find something interesting in a particular student’s assignment then definitely they can share knowledge of same with other students as well. This way knowledge will be spread and people will come to know about unique things.

  • Gives an insight into student’s working morale:

This is definitely one thing that the mentors can determine. Students can prove their potential and working morale to their mentors with the help of these informative assignments. These informative assignments can make sure that students are working hard to achieve their goals.

What are the ways an assignment can be made informative?

Following are various ways that students should make sure that they are using while making their assignments informative:

  • Step I: Collecting necessary information:

This is definitely the very first thing that students should be doing, they should ensure that they are collecting all the relevant and necessary information for the completion of assignments. They can do this in following ways of course:

  • Asking parents: A student can make sure that they ask their parents about views on this particular topic and whether or not they have any relevant and unique information related to the same. Most often this can help students.
  • Asking friends: This is another thing that students can do. They can discuss with their friends in order to understand that what re their views on the same. Discussing about these assignments with them can give them new perspectives.
  • Taking online help: There are various online educational blogs from where students can choose to take necessary help as these will make sure that they get through with a lot many information.
  • Checking with various books: This is one best available help that they can take. A lot many books and information provided by them can always be an eye-opener to students.
  • Step II:

Making sure these are true: This is definitely the next thing that the students should do. After collecting all these information they should make sure that they are omitting any options that might seem like a “maybe” to them. If they do have to add these points then they should make sure that they have a reasonable amount of explanation as to why these can be and why they cannot.

  • Step III:

Comparing these information: This is another step that students shouldn’t forget about. After collection and selection comparison of these information is necessary. They should be able to determine that perspectives of various people on these information. They can start with an online discussion thread and make sure that they are keeping an eye on them and also personally participating in them.

  • Step IV:

Finally selecting the best: Now comes the time when students should select what they might feel to be most unique and informative as well. This selection is something that they should do after proper thinking only.

Every assignment is assigned with a purpose that it will increase knowledge of a student on that particular topic and help them know more about it. This is one thing though that will only happen if students can come up with great, unique and informative assignments for sure.

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