Smart Ways for Choosing Good Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students

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Choosing the right persuasive topic is not an easy deal as it requires selecting the right type as well as the proper approach. It is important for students to note that when they first start an assignment, the very first thing that they should do is to read the description of the speech assignment. It is quite evidently prescribed on the course menu that leads one to take a position. The time that is spent on talking should help in persuading the audience. Thus, picking good persuasive essay topics for the academic purpose is quite important, to say the least.

The main motto in this regard that can create a major impact is that one has to remain as an audience-centric speaker. Thus, he or she should be more concerned about making an impact on the listeners. As a result of which, choosing good persuasive essay topics should be based on the things that one would be interested to hear about. The second part is more concerned with how to make an approach for the topics. It is very important for students to study the charts that come with the course menu. That offers to guide in making the right choice to deliver the ideal results in creating impactful content for students.

Persuasive propositions

There are three basic things that one may try to persuade that comes under the criteria for-

  • Facts
  • Values
  • Policy

A proposition of fact means that one will try to attempt to persuade the audience that a certain position is true or false. There are even unbeatable facts that are not properly disputed and these may also not make good persuasive essay topics. However, in case it is a debatable fact, it can be of something that people commonly perceive as truth. Thus, if the truth can be depicted as a means of fallacy, that can make for good persuasive essay topics.

The proposition of values means that one will be attempting to persuade that something is a better way to do things. It can also be considered as a wiser way. One may even try to persuade that a certain approach to someone is a wiser or a better way to draft the content.

Third and lastly, a proposition of policy means that one will have to advocate changing a policy, law, ordinance or simply the way of doing something. This may also be a part of advocating keeping the status as a queue. Most of the times, the central idea will include the word “should or should not”. Thus, it basically depends upon the things that are either right or wrong in the view of the audience.

The main motto of choosing good persuasive essay topics is to make sure that one is selecting the right topic to persuade about a fact. It may also be concerned about a value or even a particular policy.

Developing the outline

A critical and important direction for developing the outline for choosing good persuasive essay topics

To develop proper and good persuasive essay topics, one must remember to use the problem solution organizational style only. This may also be discussed as a part of ways of organizing a speech. Make sure that one only has two major points for organizing a speech. The primary main point is where the problem is described.

On the other hand, the second main point will be the part in which one describes the solutions that one has to present in this way. Lastly, the third thing that everyone must have in his or her speech is the additional item in the conclusion. This should be included besides the normal two items of review and wrap up. Also, one can specifically ask the audience to take necessary actions about the part one is trying to persuade.


Mere look down on the subjects is not enough it does not use proper evidence and citations. Along with that, it is also important for them to use better reasoning and explanation and examples describing the reason for its occurrence. In case people do not consider the topic of choice as a problem, they will not be better concerned. Thus, it will make them lose the motivation to act on the properties. The second main point that involves more than one step is the dilemma that should be real as well as viable. It may already b a part of another state or place in some other entity.

Thus, it also demands proper evidence, citations, examples as well as explanations to back up the proposed solution. Thus, it means that one has to properly approach in organizing a speech differently from the mainstream. If one is totally confused on how to choose the good persuasive essay topics, they can always brainstorm for it.

However, the most important thing to remember in this regard is that if one wants to present it with enthusiasm. The best way to do it is to choose a topic that one is already familiar with or even passionate about. One can even find the topics out of their personal experiences. One evident thing that you can examine when you think about your personal experiences is more about the things that you enjoy. This may even include the things that you do in your spare time or something that you are really good at.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics — The Right Choice

Make sure to draft the topic as the one that sets you apart from your peers. It may also include something that is quite unusual or something that one may consider to be a thing to be proud of. One can even choose to talk about the different types of technologies and things that people will find interesting. Also, it is important to keep in mind to draft a proper subject area that people will be well aware of. Hence, choosing the ideal topic for writing a persuasive speech or essay can take a lot of pain for students. It is better to keep the things in mind and draw the line up in accordance to that.

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