Some of the Most Relevant Topics of Computer Science Engineering Brought Here for You

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Students who have taken up computer science engineering, will be very pleased to know that there are myriad topics within this stream, that are valued worldwide.

You will always be hearing about terms such as data mining, where patterns are found in the data as well as machine learning.

There are also roles of hardware architects who process a lot of data. In machine learning, mathematical models are built which represent data in a structured manner and also helps in spotting trends in data. This has application in predicting how the data would be used in future.

Artificial intelligence combining with robotics

The use of artificial intelligence and robotics, undertakes research regarding ways to validate human capabilities which are beyond the grasp of computers and robots. The aim is to make computers and robots more adept at their job.

When avenues of this technology is opened, there would be a plethora of self-driving cars as well as number of rescue robots, much like rescue dogs. The beginning of this front was designing electronic circuits with help of computers.

In present times, research has moved further and designing of effective algorithm, statistical models etc. are undertaken by students.

Bio informatics

The use of computer science in biology may sound to be a little far-fetched but technology has bought these two contrasting topics together. Computer science is being used in biomedical engineering as well as other branches of medicine to a large extent.

In simulation of biology of a system of a living organism, the different interactions that take place in the system are studied. The way in which the immune system works as well as development and progress of cancer is modelled.

These give researchers a clue about what could happen to other patients suffering from similar conditions.

Computational biophysics

With the use of biophysics, an understanding of different kinds of mechanical as well as electrical interactions inside an organism is studied. Interactions taking place at a molecular level, is also studied in this fashion.

In the field of computational neurobiology, students see the manner in which organisms react to information coming towards them and respond. The reaction of the body, its controls as well as storage of information is studied extensively here.

Bridging the gap between known and unknown

The functioning capabilities of different organs of the human body such as brain are relatively unknown at present. Even on the structural front, a lot needs to be studied before arrival at certain conclusions. The science in present times along with engineering is working hand in hand to resolve these issues.

Analysis of the DNA as well as genetics has become very much computer based at present. The biomedical engineering field makes use of microprocessors to keep a tap on the vital signs of individuals. If an emergency situation arises, then the system even administers medicine before arrival of a doctor. Prosthetics are also now being designed by using computers.

Education with assistance of computers

The entire education system is undergoing a transformation especially at school level. More and more computers are now being used for educating students. Support is being provided by computer science department so that exams can take place without any cheating or malpractice.

Essays of students can now be graded with software developed by computer science engineers. The computer AI is there like a constant support for children. If a person is making a mistake, then the software is there for immediately prompting him or her and also offering suggestions for improvement.

All the data in the world

Huge amounts of data are generated nowadays because of easy availability of internet connection around the world. The different data centers and databases are therefore coming more and more prominently into the picture. The data is not only getting stored but can also be found and sorted within a jiffy with use of requisite software as they are indexed accordingly.

The programs developed using computer science engineering; help computers to understand different documents generated by humans such as text input, speech input, and bio metrics based data etc. Lots of interactions take place now between human beings and computers; sufficient networking is therefore required for processing everything properly.

Upcoming technology in computing

There are lots of emerging technologies in the market for communication as well as making use of computer hardware. The latest models of computation including computing at quantum level as well as optical computing are now being researched upon, to unlock their full potential. The best use of different three dimensional circuits and new types of memory chips are now also being made.

Electronic switches are now being made by use of carbon nan-tubes, in field of cryptography and quantum communication. These are the latest advancements in technology which engineering students can get to know during the course.

Networking on a big scale

Networking is being used on a large scale in order to run hardware in data centers. A lot of support is got for multimedia and such other high-level user services. Networking in developing countries always face some issues, those issues are looked after hardware developed by computer science engineers.

Developing countries usually face bandwidth issues while developing the network. Nowadays technology is even being developed to establish proper outer space communication and of course improve network security.

Problem solving in computer science

Even computation and communication has certain limits. There are simply some problems which cannot be solved by use of certain principles or even algorithms. For example, creation of something can be limited by constraints of energy, materials or space.

Therefore, there are lots of topics from theoretical CS that will teach students about reality of things. A lot of practical problems faced by the designers working with modern day electronic systems have been presented in the CS courses for further study.

Usage in multimedia

In field of multimedia, where computer science of course has a role, for development of new technology. Improvements are brought about by computer science for improving graphics as well as audio, playback etc. Hardware as well as software is involved for completing these things.

To be more specific, analysis of scenes, comprehending each movement being captured or created and making multimedia more realistic is the function of CS.

Using computer science, programs can now be analyzed automatically and people determine how much correct it is. Different comparisons take place between languages in which the program has been written as well as how it has been compiled. Often interactions between languages and systems also take place.

Security of computer systems

Since more and more people are making use of computers and internet for conducting different activities and transactions, security has become a prime concern for many people. Security for the computer systems at network level as well as OS level was there for quite some time.

Now it is seen that application of computer science is coming in physical security too, such as biometrics and tamper-proof packaging of goods. This has improved personal security to a certain extent. Computer science is also finding wide spread application in different embedded systems as well as Internet of Things.

Verifications and security

Different verifications and automatic debugging of software as well as hardware designs are now possible using concepts of Computer Science engineering. Bringing in new types of logical arguments and diagnosing bugs efficiently and fixing them is now taking place owing to innovations in CS technologies. Even absence of the bugs is confirmed by use of automated theorem proving.


Different computing topics such as quantum computing are all very happening at present and represent the next frontier for human beings. Interactions taking place between humans and computers, is now a part of the CS curriculum.

It also covers the designing of the human-computer interface and techniques that allow the machines to understand human better. Computer science engineering is now able to make machines understand human emotions, skills better and even design social media networks using the collected information and data.

Such revolutions are even being brought out in hardware, where you have talking smartphones as well as self-driven cars.

Computer architecture to improve computation

Different designs and developments have been taking place in computer architecture in order to improve the efficiency of computers. The efficiency by which codes will be executed by machines is very much influenced by their architecture.

The compilation of the high level computer languages and use of multiple processors also influence the process to some extent. Students of computer science, make use of different experimentations as well as modelling techniques to evaluate execution of codes.

Different enhancements have been brought to the Open Resource Complier to make whole systems more efficient.

Study of databases

Data mining as well as GIS, include proper storage as well as analysis and visualization of data at a later point of time. By proper sorting of the data, indexing of the data as well as compression for better storage can be achieved.

Some very specific areas where this has been put to use include geographical and geological data bases. Lots of anomalies as well as unusual patterns are detected in this way and disaster is prevented.

This type of computation is intrinsically linked with different industries and is very much useful for students.

High level computing

Research taking place in this particular sector, looks into the development of algorithms for the multiprocessor systems. The method of analysis being used here, is very much effective for applications and software which are very much data intensive.

Research that students of CS does in this field focuses largely on grid based computing as well as parallel algorithm. Different software libraries, are also developed by people belonging to this group which are used in research labs as well as other academic spheres.

Developing stronger interactions

Human computer interactions, has become a really hot research topic for in computer science engineering. This kind of interaction is usually the result of different spheres such as CS, sociology, psychology etc. coming together for bettering computational technologies. Needs of individuals as well as entire industries get addressed with its help?

Developing algorithms for different devices to coordinate in accordance to theories of society, human psychology as well as economy is really marvelous. Developing algorithms as well as analyzing them helps in creating a better recommendation system for websites. In any company or research centers people belonging to the HCI department always work together closely to develop a better software.

Programming language

Research taking place in sector for programming languages, usually focus completely on designing of newer frameworks and creating new formalism. Quality associated with software is also tested frequently and improved upon here.

Different components belonging to a programming language and tools associated with a model helps in testing efficiency and reliability. Speaking from a linguistic point of view, research here focuses completely, on extending domain of specific languages with more features.

There are many implementations regarding this, such as designing of virtual machines and using compilation techniques for developing new programming languages. All approaches used here are very much dependent on logic.

There are various domains of computing that students can explore once they have taken up studying Computer Science engineering. The sheer number of tools and techniques that they will have at their disposal is astonishing.

They will also learn to make use of these tools and get ahead in fields such developing as well as research. Data Base Management System or DBMS is a system that can be linked to many areas associated with computing.

Right from storing data about online stores in servers to those concerned with individual’s health history coming from hospitals. Computer Science is a very diverse and exciting field in the present times.

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