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This Is What You Need to Know About Specific Heat

Heat capacity regulates the extreme weather conditions. For instance, if you take the case of a fish in a pond then you need to understand that the fish will only be able to stay there if the water temperature remains the same throughout the day and night. She does not have to turn on her woollen flippers or switch on the air-conditioner.

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The concept of heat can also be expanded on a global basis. It is the lakes and oceans that actually regulate the temperature of both cities as well as towns. Water which is there near cities takes longer to heat up as compared to water in other places. So cities that are located near the ocean will have lesser extreme weather conditions.

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The importance of specific heat capacity

The amount of heat that is required to change temperature of I kg of a particular solid by 1K is referred to as specific heat capacity. It will thus give you an idea about the amount of energy that you will require to either cool or heat a particular object. You will also come to know how much time the entire process of heating or cooling will take.

We will help you understand this concept with the help of an example. For example, specific heat capacity of water is 4200J/Kg K. It means that in order to raise temperature of 1 kg of water by one degree it will require 4200J of energy. You might take specific heat assignment help from our company and doing so will certainly be a good idea.

What is specific heat?

One of the physical properties of matter is referred to as specific heat. Every matter has some kind of temperature associated with it. It is nothing but a direct measure of motion of various molecules. The higher the motion, higher is the temperature.

When molecules are in motion then it needs a lot of energy. If the energy matter is more then the temperature will also be high. This energy basically comes from heat. The amount of heat loss or heat gain is equal to the amount of energy lost or gained.

There is certainly a relationship between temperature change as well as heat and this is referred to as the specific heat. However this relationship does not hold good for any kind of phase change. This is because the amount of heat required during the process of phase change does not bring about any change in the temperature.

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