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Understand the concept of standard deviation

The variance is referred to as the average of any square deviation that takes place on any arithmetic mean for different set of numbers. The variance can be explained as:

σ2 = Î£ (x — μ)2 N

While looking into depth of standard deviation you will get to understand that it is used to measure variability. This is a concept that can either be used as separate entity or as a part of other analysis such as computing confidence intervals or hypothesis testing. Standard deviation assignment help will make sure that you understand it through formulation:

  Ïƒ²    = ∑(xi-µ)²/N,                        for population sample

  S²=∑ (xi−Ẍ)²/n                             for sample data

Variance and standard deviation can easily be measured to find the spread of distribution. It can surely measure variability.

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Methods of standard deviation

The standard deviation helps to measure absolute dispersion which is also known as variability of distribution. In such case, the greater the amount of dispersion the greater will be their standard deviation. Standard deviation is known to be quite useful which measure the representativeness of the mean.

Standard deviation homework help will explain you with individual observations and there are two methods can be applied in such case:

  • By taking up deviation of items from an actual mean
  • By taking deviation of the items from assumed mean

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