Statistics Graduate and Need Pocket Money? Here Are the 10 Best Tips

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In recent times, Statistics has become a popular subject for students to do their graduation. More and more students are inclined to this subject after completing their class 12.

Statistics is a subject that deals with the study of analyzing various data. The person who does this analyzing of data is termed as a Statistician. You can get a job in the field of marketing, economics, sports, medicines, to name a few if you have a degree in Statistics.

But before cracking a satisfying job in this field you may have to wait for some time as getting a good job with a handsome salary is not that easy. In this time period, you will surely need pocket money. So here are some effective ways which can help you earn your pocket money with dedicated effort.

  1. Working as a freelance financial accountant

If you have good grades in your academics then you can surely land the job of a freelance financial accountant. A financial accountant does the job of keeping accounts of the various operations related to money thatis going on in a firm. You will have to maintain the proper balance sheets for the firm. Keep a record of their profit and loss.

You may dedicatedly work for a single concern or can do freelancing and take the charge of more than one small concern. You can earn good pocket money in this job but you need to work really hard with utmost dedication. You also gather experience in this field which can help you later to crack a good job.

  • Working as a freelance Analyst Broker

This job is certainly not easy but very demanding. Today the stockbrokers and fund managers are in constant search of valuable information and advice to manage the various investments of their clients. All you need to do is study the market thoroughly and apply your knowledge of Statistics.

A freelance Analyst Broker is in demand nowadays as the stockbrokers and the fund managers do not want to hire permanently anyone as an Analyst Broker. If you are good at your job then there is a good amount of money. Working in freelance will allow you to widen your reach and earn more. You also gather experience.

  • Do share trading

Share trading is something that more and more people are indulging in irrespective of their age and gender. All you need to understand is the basics of it and you already are equipped with the knowledge of Statistics. Therefore you are ready to go.

There are surely market risks and as it is related to money so you need to be very cautious. But your knowledge in Statistics will sure help you to analyze the various market risks and invest accordingly.

  • Giving online tuitions

There are various websites that require online tutors. You can surely apply for one of them. It is probably one of the easiest jobs for you to get. You already are a student and hence your connection with studies and books are still on. So imparting the freshly acquired knowledge is probably the easiest and respectable job that you can think of doing.

You can work as a part-timer and earn those extra bucks as your pocket money. You will be paid according to hours. Thus the more time you dedicate the more you earn.

  • Selling your academic notes

Throughout your academic sessions, you must have made useful notes that have helped you to score good marks in the exams. So why not get some money in exchange for your notes?

Sharing your notes with the students who need them is always a good option. In this way, you are helping others. And charging some money in exchange is not a bad idea as in that way you are helping yourself to earn some pocket money.

  • Doing online Blogging

Online blogging is probably one of the most lucrative professions now. If you have a knack for writing then you can surely consider blogging. You can share your views on various topics related to Statistics. You can provide different market information and give investment advice to the readers.

You can also choose your own favorite subject for writing blogs. There is a good amount of money that can be generated through blogging. Just keep good contents.

  • Doing various online Micro Jobs

This is surely a good option for you if you have just completed your graduations and looking forward to earning some money. Micro jobs are basically small tasks or services that are offered to business concerns through various microjob sites.

You can register with any microjob site and showcase your skill and land up a job for yourself. You will be paid according to the service that you have provided.

  • Selling your second-hand academic books

All your academic books are no longer of any use to you after you complete your graduation. So why pile them in your house and block the storage space? Instead, sell them and get some money in return. You almost get half the price of your books if you resell them.

There are many students who cannot afford first-hand books. Therefore you also help them in this way.

  • Doing Data Entry jobs

It is a very simple job where you just need to have a good knowledge of computer and have a good typing speed. You have to type the data fast but accuracy is very important. You can work from your own comfort zone by using your own computer. There are some genuine websites that offer these data entry jobs and you can earn well.

  1. Becoming a YouTuber

Many people are indulging in this profession. This job is having a lot of demand. You just need to showcase your talent in the videos you create. You can give tutorials, review products, cook, dance, sing, etc. Initially, it can be challenging but once you gather some ardent followers no one can stop you from earning good. You can work according to your own terms and conditions.

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Sources of Pocket Money for Statistics Graduates and Their Career Opportunities

Statisticians are the crucial guides on determining all the information that are reliable and can be predicted with trust. Statisticians are hired by the companies to provide clues and solutions for solving scientific mysteries. They also help in providing the proper pathways of conducting researches by not allowing the investigators to get misled with negative impressions in their respective fields.

On any typical day, the statisticians are required to:

  • Use the data collected in field to draw plausible statistical conclusions using different measures such as graphs, pie charts and other statistical parameters.
  • Statisticians are required to use their knowledge of mathematics and statistics in solving of diverse fields such as medical science, economics, ecological problems, political sciences and on social perspective.
  • The organization that hires the statisticians determine whether the individual is suited enough to work alone or as a team.
  • They are required to travel frequently with lots of the professionals and also attend conferences, seminars besides continuing with their further studies.
  • On any day, a statistical report can bring about radical changes in the diverse field of science and technology. Thus, statisticians who work meticulously make progressive advances in the frontiers of mathematics, probability and statistics through their tireless research works and higher educations.

In the recent years, there has been a tremendous growth on the interests of the statisticians, mainly by the students who are looking forward in pursuing a career in statistics. Secondary schools and several universities along with various business groups and government posts are being opened for the statisticians to fill the void between presumption and practical analysis.

As the demand for the statistical analysts continue to grow, there are no significant trends which points out towards a negative curve. Some of the career options for statistical graduates are as follows:

  • The post of a marketing analyst requires a minimum of bachelor’s degree. Many of the topmost positions of research also require a master’s degree besides the leadership positions. The marketing analysts are required to have a strong notion on mathematics and good analytical skills.

The hired personnel are required to be well equipped with the knowledge of statistics, marketing, communication skills and beware of economics and the behavior of the consumers. Other important qualities that statistical analysts must imbibe is to have a strong critical thinking skill with are required for detail-oriented precision data analysis.

  • As human resource coordinators, the statisticians are required to at least have a high school diploma degree before they opt for jobs. For many positions, they are also required to have a proper associate’s graduate degree.

Human resource assistants, eligibility interviewers and municipal clerks often require the associate’s degree to get hired to their respective positions. A bachelor’s degree in statistics can even move the hired personnel in positions for further responsibility such as that of becoming a specialist in human resources. Interpersonal, organizational, communicational skills and integrity in workplace is a must for professionals in this field.

  • The post of a senior programmer Analysts requires a graduate’s degree and a strong orientation towards the field of technology. These analysts are directly involved in the business proceedings of the companies, thus taking business courses and having a major degree in management will help improve the opportunity for getting jobs at more positions of responsibility. 

With few years of job experiences, the system analysts are providing the opportunity of advancing to the posts of project managers. Thus, they are required to lead a group of analysts on a particular venture. Eventually, the post of IT directors and chief officers of technology are guaranteed.

  • A job for statistician with master’s degree and a PhD is to analyze several models using their statistical techniques. They are required to determine the requirement of necessary software packages and also gain impetus on several programming languages to develop and design new improved models and easier techniques to conduct precise analysis.

Problem solving skills of the statisticians are being tested in every level during their course of jobs. Use of statistics, linear algebra and calculus are essential for building new models. The communication skills of the statisticians are tested when they reciprocate their knowledge to professionals of various other fields with limited statistical knowledge.

  • Job of a risk analyst requires the professional to at least have a bachelor’s degree. The designation of Certified Management Consultant (CMC) helps in improving the post of risk analysts. Organizations look to hire professionals with lots of experience. Senior level management consultants are required to supervise teams on complex project ventures and lead critical business programs under their guidance. Good analytical skills, interpersonal skills along with communicational and problem solving skills are a must for risk analysts.
  • As a data analyst, professionals are required to hire employees with a bachelor’s degree. Some of the post requires the hired personnel to have a Master’s degree as well. Similar to risks analyst’s post, with increasing experience, the employees make gradual advancements in the field of study.

They are required to undertake critical projects under their helm and supervise several junior members. Their communication skills are well tested when they reciprocate their views, to the juniors.

  • A post of Information Technology Manager requires the personnel to have a good knowledge about computer sciences. It also involves them having a minimum of bachelor’s degree before applying for any job posts. Personnel’s with higher qualifications with MBA degrees and lot of experience are always preferred over the rest. IT managers are required to have a good knowledge about business ventures.

There are required to plan as well as execute plans strategically to protect the reputation of the company. Their organizational and leadership skills are also tested in every step, when they have to lead a team of juniors in a joint venture.

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