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Basic Information:
What is the definition of statistics? Statistics in simple terms means analysis of data. Data can be anything as long as it is quantifiable. The science of learning from data can also be termed as statistics. Statistics is also an art of measuring, controlling and communicating uncertainty with scientific methods. Statistics has its applications in practically every field in the universe right from astronomy to sports and natural sciences to entertainment. Statistics is a complex subject and students usually require help with statistics assignment on regular basis.

Statistics is basically classified into two broad categories based on availability of data.
1.    Qualitative data
2.    Quantitative data

A.    Qualitative data analysis: In this type of data analysis, data is not provided in the form of numbers. Data is presented by means of a natural language description. This is also known as “categorical” data. For example: There is a football match going on between two popular teams say, “Manchester United” and “Chelsea”. Both the teams have distinct colour codes. Just by looking at the spectators you can say which team is more popular by comparing the colour of the jerseys worn by their individual supporters without actually counting them.

B.    Quantitative data analysis: This type of data analysis requires study of numbers. Data supplied to you can be quantified. For example: You are given a set of figures which details the amount of rainfall received by a particular region for the last five years. Based on a study of the comparable figures you can analyse and predict the average rainfall for the ensuing year.

Acquiring Help:
Statistics requires deep understanding of the subject and hence students may require help with statistics homework. It is not a subject that one can read and understand alone. There is no harm in seeking help with statistics assignment from people who know the subject. The best person to approach for your statistics homework help is your subject teacher. Even your senior friends who have gone through the grind earlier would be able to help with statistics homework.

a)    Teacher: Your class teacher would be the most appropriate person to approach for help. Not only does she know your strengths and weaknesses but also she knows your degree of comprehending the subject. Normally teachers are only too glad to offer statistics assignment help. It is the students who feel shy about approaching a teacher for help as they sense a knowledge gap between them.

b)    Seniors students: There are absolutely no qualms about approaching a senior student for help with statistics homework. These students have experienced what it is to be like a junior and would always like to share their knowledge as well as experiences. Moreover there is not much of an age difference and hence students naturally feel more comfortable approaching a senior for help rather than a teacher.

c)    Internet: Internet is the panacea for all ills. Every topic under the sun is available on the internet and you can have access to the latest information which could help with statistics assignment. This is very popular among the younger generation today.

Help from Online sources:
Internet has the solution to any problem in the world. Through the internet you can contact many an expert and seek your statistics assignment help. You are advised to keep the following things in mind while seeking statistics homework help from people who are unknown to you.

a.    It is to be ensures that you share a wavelength with the person from whom you are seeking help. If he teaches you on a different plane, it will obviously not be of any help to you at all.

b.    Maintain a personal rapport with your online helper as you may have to go back to him for some sort of clarification at a later stage.

c.    Improve your basics and try to understand how to solve the problem rather than asking him to provide a solution. In this way you can obviously benefit much more.

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We can sign off by saying that statistics is an intriguing but interesting subject. Statistics can be compared to a bikini. What it reveals is interesting and what it conceals is important.

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