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What is Swap?

There can be one or more than one underlying assets upon which depend the securities with prices. These are called derivatives. There are different forms or kinds of derivatives and one such derivative is Swap. Through this contract, the financial instruments are exchanged between two parties. Our Swaps Homework Help services discuss this in further details.

How it works?

With a Swap contract or agreement, for a set period of time, two parties agree to exchange the sequences of cash flows. The cash flow usually is based on a national principle amount. When the contract initiates, one cash flow is fixed and is determined by a random variable. The other variables are —

  • Foreign Exchange Rate
  • Interest Rate
  • Commodity Price
  • Equity Price etc.

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Types of Swaps:

When you study Finance and have to do projects, assignments or homework on Swap, it is a must that you know about this topic in detail. Therefore, we, at ensure that students develop a deep insight regarding Swaps, with the guidance of our Swaps Homework Help services.

As per the importance, there are five generic types of Swaps.

  1. Interest Rate Swaps:

This is the most common type of Swaps.

  1. Currency Swaps:

This Swaps type involves the fixed rate and principle rate interest payments on a loan for a particular currency and the same for a loan on another currency and thus, exchanges the two interest rate payments.

  1. Commodity Swaps:

For a specific period of time, a fixed price is exchanged for a floating market price, in this type of Swaps.

The other two types are Credit Swaps and Equity Swaps. Depending on the given topic, we discuss and focus on the exact details and features of Swaps through our Swaps Assignment Help services.

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