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T-SQL is also known as Transact SQL includes set of programming extensions from Microsoft and Sybase. Special features has been added to the SQL which is Structured Query Language covering the control in transaction along with exception and error handlings. It will also include row processing along with variables that are declared. T-SQL Homework help will explain you better about T-SQL along with its usage part.

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 What is the Function of T-SQL?

T-SQL is known as Transact Structure Query Language which is the product of Microsoft and extension of SQL Language. It is the type of programming whose server is having inbuilt functions that will perform the main role in processing on string including numeric data. There are list of different servers that will help you to know about each server functions which is important in creation of data base.

T-SQL is used in all servers along with data bases and objects related to SQL server. They include tables with stored procedures along with special constraints with views, data types and columns. They are having the special type of functions that will include aggregate functions which basically works upon value collections with other main functions supporting the server. They also perform the best role in supporting complex analytical task which will further used for common analysis including rankings along with finding out the percentiles and moving averages that can be stated in SQL statement.

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