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What is meant by tariff and subsidies?

While elaborating the concept you will get to know that tariff and subsidies are two important concepts of macroeconomics. Both are closely associated with each other. In case of export and import subsidies either by individual, organization or country has to adopt appropriate tax measures so that goods are fairly treated under tax system which is finally governed by country.

Tariffs and subsidies assignment help comes up with complete clarification of concept. It is a subject that is associated with economics of export and import of goods.

  • Tariff: It is a tax obtained on imports and exports that is performed within or outside the country. Such tariff is also described as trade tariff.
  • Subsidies: It is known to be an assistance that is paid to business or economic sector finally which gets distributed as subventions in order to restrict decline of any particular industry. Subsidy policy does not encourage selling of goods in local market through any direct payment process.

Due to high level of competition among imported goods, local markets experience stringency in selling which is also a part of tariff.

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