Technology in Education- Explained with Reference to Eassy Writing

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 Speaking of modern education system we not only take into account the grades obtained by the students, or a team of dedicated teachers but the way technology has brought ease to the training system. Gone are the days when a student had to hunt for a reference book in libraries or get enrolled himself in extra classes to do his research work. The internet offers a vast library of texts and tools for research explore and get an outlook globally. The exposure is immense and the scholar is pampered with gigantic source of knowledge.

How technology does help the student?

From cut to pack, as popular term in manufacturing (means from root level to complete stage) technology has its presence. From writing tools such as Writer, Quabel, Calmly writer, Ills to a gigantic world of web for research. Online education is something without which the learning system cannot be existent. The phrase which is quoted by the tutors frequently that they had the best way to learning has gone for a toss. Best way to understand if we take the case of an eassy writing. A scholar is not limited to particular set of books or references to prepare him for an eassy.

A gigantic source of knowledge is offered to him in the world of internet. He has flexible hours where he can plan his schedule to his choice. Nothing is time bound as he can access the internet through different devices as laptop, desktop, iPad and even mobile. An enormous options and variety of sample eassy writing are available to him in numerous sites like Khan Academy, cengage,, Coursera and many others.

Online proofreading can be done and thus making grammatical mistakes is negligible. The eassy writing which is a compulsory featurein getting admission in great universities (to know a student better) is immensely benefitted by the online education. Many expert online eassy writing authors are available who writes on behalf of the students for which they are paid. Technology helps in shaping the career graph of many scholars.

Is online education benefitting everyone?

Students are mostly forced to schooling and learning.  It’s every so often the students that need school are the nastiest who aren’t “made” for it; that is, school is made for students who are solid readers and essayists(eassy writing authors) that can manage their work on their own. But a handful is of those categories. For some online education sometimes yield phenomenal results and sometimes are disastrous. Every child is different; their approach, interpretation, concentration level are all variables. A student with low reading skill will not be able to collect data and information on his own; for him to search the numerous sites can be a tough job however a student with low span of concentration will enjoy surfing different sites and portals for his assignment. To derive maximum from technology can vary with one attributes and skills. It can be understood in the same way as the same text book belongs to every child in the same class but each and every child’s grades are different.

Online study benefits-

  • It is easier to plan and do multitasking for a scholar as online study is available on demand.
  • It is hands down cheap and economical. Online tutorials and notes available are far cheap than to buying texts or to enroll in library.
  • Well illustrated and explained information is accessible which makes study interesting.
  • Vast and global material is what the student is exposed to. It is practically impossible to complete the traditional study pattern with the online education. Tutors are also available in different sites and thus the scholar is not limited with one or two teachers.
  • Study supplies as in texts, pens, notebooks and a lot of stuff is reduced to a device which fulfills all the requirement.
  • Immediate result is given while appearing for a test citing the strength and weaknesses which used to be a delayed process when done manually.

The system is accepted worldwide and regardless of the economic development of the country, technology is clearly the winner throughout the world. As discussed earlier, the same web portal is available throughout the world; likeCengage the online tutorial for K-12 grades is available throughout the world. Cengage learning almost cover all the topics in every subject be it accounting, writing, science and further subjects. ‘Answers to Cengage accounting homework’ one the most interesting features in this site. It a self-evaluating features for the subject where detailed report of performance and weak spots are marked. Practice is the keyword in this subject and the scholar is exposed to enormous practice sessions and detailed assessment. One can register on the portal and start his session right away. Detailed reference books with notes are offered since answers to Cengage accounting homework offer a complete programed on the subject.

We can clearly say that everything is now heading to be in cloud and agility.

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