The Art of Writing on Interesting Essay Topics

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Among the many skills, acquired or inherent, expressing a thought counts the most. One’s thoughts can be deep and light, depending on one’s observation. Things happen around us all the time. There is barely a moment when nothing is an occurrence. That’s rare that rarity itself! It all depends on one’s perspective of what he is able to see, and what he chooses to un-see. As a matter, there are times when one is blessed enough to oversee circumstances that might be too extreme and ugly for one’s innocent observation.

Coming to expressing one’s intense observations and understanding, it is established wither through speaking or writing. The two skills that have been known to mankind for ages together, and are still the most respected and humbled art preached around in this century.

Be it a speech, a podcast, radio talk, articles, book writing or a simple writing on interesting essay topics, the art of one’s expression is a precious skill that connects one’s soul with that of another.

Since ages unknown, writing has been a medium of connection between the generations faded and erased, and the generations followed thereafter. Thanks to the excavations and architectural discovery that led to the knowledge of a glorious that once existed. The years that are now some hundreds and thousands old are still afresh, due to the immortal words that the great writers have left behind.

School and childhood

We all have come across a certain phase when we go through the process of learning thinking about a topic among a bunch of interesting essay topics, and then asked to write down our thoughts on a sheet of paper. It was a rather the traditional form of learning how to write on a particular topic. Even today, if we go through the same process, we may reflect on how we began our intellectual reasoning on a given topic, no matter how innocent it was.

The school ritual involved assigning a number of topics among a variety of interesting essay topics, and children managed to reflect their thoughts on the same in the form of writing. As they say, the more you practice, the better you get in the job. The same applies in every facet of our lifestyle. It is through practicing over the childhood years, that we succeeded in gaining a penning skill.

The art of writing

As discussed earlier, it is no less than an art to write what you think of, or what you wish to share to the general public. Over the years, journalists and eminent writers have been able to persuade the readers and the mass audience through their writing hand. Words are a magical medium to reach to a stranger’s soul and mind, eventually. Reaching the connection, you may even make them see your opinion and thus, make them concede to your point readily.

However, it is easier said than done which makes the habit an art and not a mere hobby. Indeed, it is quite of an old practice to learn and attain this skill by writing articles, blogs, thesis, essays on interesting essay topics.

It further helps in strengthening our language vocabulary, grammar standards as well as the keep a grip on the basic language rules while striving to hit the bull’s-eye whenever one wishes to explain his point to the readers.

How to write on interesting essay topics?

Before writing anything, one needs to choose and embrace his topic. Writing on a topic which is not up to one’s taste or his preferred choice is totally unacceptable. He/she will be un-justifying the assignment if he chooses to write on something he doesn’t approve of, or even worse, if he doesn’t agree to the topic.

For instance, given a debatable topic, if he is asked to talk in favor of conservatism when he himself is a preacher of liberal thinking, it would be unfair to write on such former topic.

The next and foremost step is to research on the given topic. It forms the backbone of our written piece. The more the research is, the more information collected, the better the outcome. Research can be extended to internet source, newspaper articles and posts and through interaction with people or even mere observation of the ongoing society rituals.

Once the raw data is collected, one can finally begin writing. Before doing so, plan the structure and the skeleton to know how to proceed. As a reader, it is important to win the attention from the very first paragraph. Thus, as a writer it is important for you to charm the readers from the beginning itself. Also, knowing how to end it is equally important to leave behind a lasting impression.

Interesting essay topics

There are numerous topics if we look around and decide on writing on any particular theme. Furthermore, there are genres and varieties of writing style that we can further classify our fondness for writing. We may choose debatable argumentative topic, an imaginative, diplomatic, or even historic-nonfiction.

Among the many interesting essay topics, we may certainly choose one to allure the responders charmingly with our writing and journalism skills. As mentioned before, it is through the artistic manner of writing that one retains the power of alluring people, and persuading even a strangers’ mind in the direction of his own thoughts and beliefs. The practice has been followed for years and years with the mindset that once faith and opinions can be changed through the art of persuasion. Words, as may be known to many, have the inevitable power to mould one’s thinking and perspective.

It is thus, not surprising that words, writing and speaking is an art that has been respected, honored and preached generation after generation. Start writing on some interesting essay topics if you want to go ahead in this field of expressing the thoughts in the form of words and jotting them down in a journal or for the world to read. Good luck!

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