The List of 3 Places Where Good Books for College Students Can Be Found Easily

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One of the most common crises that we faced during our academic life was to find that perfect book which covered our entire course. In other words, it is like a mythical creature which people speak a lot about but never seen or touched it. During our school days, we still somehow managed with notes but good books for college students are a tough task to find.

What makes a book good from an academic point of view?

A book can be considered a good one if it provides the reader with all the information on that particular field in a very simple and technical language. There are many books written by qualified writers but we found really difficult to decipher them. The language always becomes a really big factor while labeling a book good or bad.

During higher studies, good books for college students are important as the course curriculum increases with every semester and time span to cover that curriculum reduces. This further aggravates the demand for good books. If a student is involved in some technical course, the situation may be a little less bad as books available for this field is little more in comparison to other courses. But what about the students who are doing their master’s in some less popular course?

Few of the options those are available for good books for college students.

There are very few options available for students majoring in such field. The most reliable options available for good books for college students are libraries: the most common place where you can find a solution to all your academic problems. Most of the colleges come with an updated stock of books for college students.

They are mostly in compliance with the current curriculum as set by the university. But the problem with the college library is the number of books available is less in comparison to the number of students. That is a really unfortunate scenario. As a result, especially during exams, the demand for issuing books becomes so high that the library fails to create that equilibrium between the demand and supply.

This results in many discontent students who pay for the library service every month but do not get the book in need. Apart from college libraries, there is another option for students who do not get the book. There are many community libraries and government-funded libraries which can help them out. These libraries are also stocked with the updated version of the book and available in large number but the quality of the book may be an issue. We all can understand how heartbreaking it can be when you finally found that perfect but inside some pages are missing.

Since these community or government libraries are either government funded or community funded maintenance of these books is a very serious problem. Due to lack of maintenance, expensive books go to waste as very often we find pages turning yellow or get eaten up by silver flies. As we all know how difficult to find good books for college students, it is the responsibility of both the parties to take care of these gems.

A student when issues a book should be very careful while studying and if by accident damages the book, should arrange necessary provisions to alter that damage. The people who are responsible for looking after this tangible property should behave more responsibly and should take the necessary steps so that the lifespan of these books can be extended.

The other source of good books for college students are the books available on the Internet. Though on the internet you will not be able to find the entire book due to strict piracy rules that are imposed one can easily find some extracts from different parts of the books. In spite of strict piracy policy followed by most of the websites, there are few of them who provide the students with entire book in .pdf format.

These websites are decreasing day by day as every government is imposing heavy fines or jail time for people involving in piracy.

There are many websites which provide the students with the entire book in return of some money in the name of subscription fee. These websites have a stock of latest books and there are no issues of availability but to cough up the subscription fee can be difficult for few students. These websites follow all the government laid down policies regarding online use of information and all other guidelines. The quality of the files is also quite satisfying but the only issues are the subscription fee and the mode of payment of that fee. These websites generally ask the user for card details which many people hesitate to share after a large number of fraudulent activities online came to light.

The measures that we must take to change the current situation of crisis.

There are still few free websites which provide good books for college students, in spite of all the strict piracy rules and are easy to find as well. In this blog, we are no way promoting piracy of online properties as it is a punishable offense and needs to be dealt with strong rules. In spite of all the rules and regulations, what can a student do when he fails to find the book for his subject and fails to perform well? As we all know there is a never-ending crisis for good books for college students, the college and government need to be more responsible in dealing such situations. They should encourage people who are interested to make donations for libraries and another information center. Since there will always be a maintenance issue with tangible books government should take leading steps in digitization of tangible properties like books and research papers which will help the student of the future generations. The government can also levy some taxes on online purchases which will help in reducing the subscription fee and more students can able to afford them.