The many types of research papers that you can submit at college

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If you have enrolled yourself in a college for higher studies, then you must learn to acknowledge the fact, that you have to writing a research paper. Writing this research paper, is a really vital part of the curriculum itself. When you are preparing yourself for different academic works, you will have to do various research on technical as well as social aspects of things. There are different types of research papers for you to present your views. It is up to you to choose the way to tell things. It needs to be said that this process is not at all easy. If you have not done this kind of writing before, then the task at hand may seem to be very complex and after a certain period even impractical.

What is actually a research paper?

There are quite a few types of research papers. However, the ultimate task of writing these research papers, is achieving certain objectives. The research paper is itself quite scientific in nature and is very much linked to research. Different experiments are often conducted that helps in acquiring knowledge as well as testing out different hypotheses. The entire paper consists of the experiences that you have gathered as well as your personal views on certain topics. you will require spending quite a long duration of time researching information as well as preparing reports and analyzing them. Vital skills can be gained in this manner.

Different categories

There are few major types of research papers, each of these types requires you to take up a different approach to deal with them. Through this article you will get a walkthrough regarding these different types of research papers and help you understand them in a better fashion. This information is really important for you to create really unique content and excel at college.

Argumentative paper

The different argumentative papers will present before you two sides of the same coin on all controversial issues. The argumentative papers will always contain citations present in the text itself, speaking about different researchers. Very logical facts about both sides of an issue is explored in this manner. A really important aspect of the argumentative paper is that the author himself has to take one side. However, the research that he undertakes, needs to be unbiased in nature. Facts from both sides have to be presented and then you can favor a side and tell why you did so.

Definition based papers

The definition papers are fairly self-explanatory in nature. These papers will describe for you a particular subject, based completely on facts. You will find that the author does not take any kind of standpoint or inclines a little more towards one side. Facts from lots of sources are included here. The facts that you can find here, is also found in other research papers too, but in a different manner. A really good definition paper, can provide extremely valuable information. The various types of research papers, only bring out the best out of a student.

Comparing and contrasting

The different types of compare and contrast papers are used mainly for courses of literature. These comparisons might include two authors or even two novels or stories belonging to a particular genre. In recent times, they have also been used in the subject of social science. Even in the subject of philosophy, you will find that the views of two philosophers are learned by comparing them. The really important part of this kind of paper, is to describe all the concerned elements in a very succinct manner. The example that the author of the paper provides is really important in nature.

Reports based papers

The various reports, follow a format which shows, as if a case study is being represented by them. As an example, you can be asked to present a report to show the main issues seen in your workplace, which concerns everybody. The reports form a really important part of different types of research papers. Your report would include summary of the entire situation as well as important dates associated with it. A comparison based paper will include if and but based sentences. However, in reports, you will only find plain facts. A summary takes the place of the abstract in the report based paper. Different evidences are included in tables, indices etc.

Interpretation based papers

The interpretative papers are used by tutors of subjects such as literature or humanities. Students mostly make use of the theoretical knowledge that they might have learnt on course of their studies. The interpretive papers can include a business situation, a piece of art etc. The main element that needs to be included here is that, a student must have written this paper based on a certain theory. Later on data has been used to provide support to those findings. The interpretation types of research papers, helps you to think in a totally different light.

Analysis papers

The analytical papers, always include a lot of information from various sources. The main aim for going for these types of research papers is to analyze different viewpoints that have been presented here. The analysis takes place from observing facts rather than concrete opinions. The author of these analytical papers can will certainly be focusing on findings as well as methods used by other researchers. It will also include a summary of findings and suggest a framework that can be utilized for conducting further studies.

Papers showing cause and effect

The different cause and effect based papers, will be looking for the expected or probable results of a particular action. Everything will be following a really logical progression. Hence readers can very easily relate to these papers. These papers are very much used in fields of business as well as education. These papers, will not only be including the expected results but also show different situations from which they have been achieved. You can reach a logical solution by following these types of research papers.

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