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High school is the first place where students are primarily introduced to different styles of creative writing. They are educated about the diverse genre of essays and how each of them differs from one another. Students also learn how to pick the right topic like personal narrative topics in order to present a gripping essay and score impressive credits.

Personal narrative essays revolve around a personal experience, incident, or event that the writers describe. In a well-written personal narrative essay, the writers try to stay as close to reality as possible to offer the readers an experience that they can live through. This variant of essays provides the writer a chance to write about the different events of his or her own life that has left a lasting impression.

By reading through personal narratives, readers can learn a lot about the writer’s personality, his or her way of dealing with situations and so on. Interesting personal narrative topics arise from the events of our daily lives.

Personal narratives written on a significant event can speak about how it has shaped the writer or has compelled him to see the world through a different dimension. Most personal narrative topics are depictions of how the writer’s outlook has evolved owing to a specific experience.

Factors that can help you choose personal narrative topics better

Good personal narrative topics account for events that have the power to appeal to the readers. It must have a gripping story to tell and have dramatic occurrences that can compel them to read further.

Here are some factors that make for an engaging personal narrative essay topic-

  1. Personal narrative essay subject can revolve around any experience that has challenged the writer in more one ways. It shaped and changed the writer for the better or for worse.
  2. Another event that can account for appealing personal narrative topics is a new exploration. It can also originate from traveling to a foreign land and finding and experiencing new things like a sport or even a cuisine.
  3. An element of honest humor can also give rise to a tempting personal narrative essay topic. Writers can settle for describing a funny event he or she has lived through with family or friends.
  4. A major source of personal narrative topics can be incidents that have taught the writer certain life lessons the hard way. It can be a loss or a failure that the writer had to overcome.

These are some of the themes that can easily offer you a plot for writing a personal narrative essay that is applicable to the teacher or the audience.

A simple guide on how to plan for a personal narrative essay

Personal narrative essays are not just mere compositions or stories that resemble a delicate experience. Narrative essays hold a greater meaning and written in order to deliver a broader perspective to an event. It is a form of writing that allows the writer to recreate his experience for the readers.

A writer mostly introduces the readers to the central plot at the introductory passage. He or she then continues to share the experiences and how it has affected their perception. Narrative essays are a source of understanding the writer’s insight, up-close. Through the different sequences of the story, the writer offers sensory details and paints an elaborate picture of the incident he or she has lived through.

We have summarized a few steps that help you present a well-written personal narrative essay to the readers-

  1. The first step towards writing a personal narrative essay is to consider the target audience. The writer must present a story for his readers and not just get carried away into bluntly writing about the story.
  2. A narrative essay irrespective of the plot it is based on must begin by introducing the situation and the narrator
  3. An important trick to keep the readers hooked on to the essay is by letting the story unravel naturally. The writer must learn the technique of manipulating time and pace.
  4. A personal narrative essay must be adorned with real-time descriptions and sequences that are honest in their occurrence.
  5. One of the major traits of a well-written personal narrative essay is presenting intricate details of characters. This provides an opportunity to the readers of getting an experience of living through the incident.
  6. It must appear as if the writer is reliving the moments. The essay must have detailed mention of the slightest variations in the surroundings like a smell, a feeling etc.
  7. It is important to resort to personal narrative topics that hold a generalized meaning for the audience. It must not be a simple description of an event. The writer must analyze the relevance of the story he is telling.
  8. Keeping note of the small details is what makes one great story. It is those details that create a viable background and keeps the readers asking for more.

These are some suggestions that had helped me to get through my personal narrative essays fairly well. Give these a try and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Examples of personal narrative topics for assignments

We have selected some personal narrative topics that will surely help you score the maximum credits if presented correctly to the target audience. They are-

  1. A memorable school field trip
  2. An incident from childhood that you have always carried with you
  3. An unforgettable experience during a vacation
  4. That night when the power went out
  5. A memorable incident you experienced with your siblings
  6. That time when you got lost in an unfamiliar place
  7. A joyful memory with your family
  8. The sad experience of losing touch with a friend as you grew up
  9. The experience of staying away from home for the very first time
  10. A historic event you were a witness of

These are some ideas of personal narrative topics that sure to make the deal when you present it for your next assignments. I am these are going to benefit you to a great extent.

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