The Tips and Tricks to Ace Interesting Essays Topics

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Be it junior school or high school, better still college; Students have no respite from essays. Essays have become inseparable from student life. They come in all shapes and forms and they are sure to make you wonder about things, you never bothered about.

What is there in an Essay?

An essay is a piece of writing that gives the writer’s point of view. The writer is basically presenting an argument. Essays are a testament of written expression. It reflects the mood of the writer.

Steps to Writing an Essay

The main steps to pen down the most interesting essays topics are:

  • Coming up with a topic. Research and search the background of the topic. This is extremely important to write an essay or even attempt at it.
  • Research from the right places, not just anywhere. Take notes from websites, journals, newspapers and other references.
  • Create a general outline of the important points that you are going to write about.
  • Find out citations, which can accompany your essay and give more genuineness to your essay.
  • Last but not the least, review what you have written and edit if necessary.

If all the students can follow these nuances, writing an essay will become cakewalk.

Now, the next question in your mind must be related to the type of essay your teacher wants you to pen down.

The various types of essays are argumentative, descriptive, synoptic, analytical, exploratory, review and many more. Let us find out more about it.

Argumentative Essays: These are excellent forms of expression regarding your persuasion skills. It aims at convincing others regarding your point of view. The message can be social, political or likewise. The different parts of this type of essay are stance, reasoning, witness or evidence, arguments and oppositions. These are the main pointers of writing this kind of essay.

So, let us elaborate on this. First thing that all you students have to do is, take sides. Tell me, which side of the argument you want to support. You can be either for or against the topic. Next, you need to cite the reasons, why you are supporting that stance. Collect evidence, in support of your argument. Please remember, when you are presenting an argument, there will be counterargument as well. People will try to oppose you; hence you need to be ready with obstacle handling as well.

Now, let me suggest you the best format:

  • Introduction-

This is one part; you can never avoid. This is where you can draw your reader’s attention. This is a trailer for things to come. This should be convincing enough, so that your reader develops interest in the subject.

  • Body-

The body will give you all the scope to present your case. Present all the evidence you have collected in the body of the essay. This is customary to developing interesting essays topics.

  • Conclusion —

The last part of the essay should hammer down the point that you are trying to convey. Leave a lasting impression on the reader’s mind with a great conclusion.

  • Citations —

An important, but neglected part of writing essays. This honours your sources.

Next, comes the Descriptive Essays. It is very clear from the name itself, what it is all about.This type of essay, describes a topic. You do not need any support or evidence, when you are presenting this kind of an essay.  It is completely up to you, how will write this kind of essay.

How to write the best descriptive interesting essays topics?

This kind of essay can be based on a great variety of topics.You can write on a place, event, occupation, about another person and so on. The options for your subject are endless.

There are many things you need to consider, before writing a descriptive essay. They are:

  • Selection of a topic. Find a topic, which is interesting and can get some value for the reader. It is all about knowledge sharing, isn’t it?
  • Then collect necessary material related to the topic. This is an unavoidable part of writing an essay. Look for unusual themes and texts and then formulate a structure.

The Structure of Descriptive Essay topics:

  • Introduction is the opening of your essay. It can make or break your reader’s interest. Writing interesting essays topics is after all not a cake walk.You have to entice the reader into reading further and develop an interest in the mind of the reader. This is imperative.
  • Descriptive essays should be short and crisp. They must be able to convey the basic idea.
  • The conclusion is another part, which if not done properly, leave the reader in a mess. The thoughts would be completely disorganised. And, the reader will not be able to come to a conclusion. If this is not what you want, please write a proper conclusion.

Now, you must be wondering about some interesting essays topics, to write about. You should think and think and then come up with something interesting.

Best Descriptive Essay Topics

  • Describe the most memorable day of your life
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
  • Elaborate on your daily schedule
  • What does your ideal life partner look like?
  • Christmas Eve party
  • Your Best Friend’s Birthday Party
  • The perfect wedding party that you attended
  • Who is your best hero?
  • What personality type are you?

These are a few of the topics that you can prepare yourself for. Now, there are many essay or assignment writing sites on the web. You can also try their services. This is not wrong, completely. Given the pressures of academic life, you also need to spend time with your peers, friends and family. There is no better way, than to delegate some work to assignment help sites, who can give you professionally written interesting essays topics.

Writing essays, especially interesting essays topics can drain you of your energy, while thinking of course. The best that you can do is read along the way. Read more; find out more about the world.

Follow, these important tips on writing interesting essays topics and win scores.

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