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We will provide help with the following topics in relation to theory of probability –

  • Definition of probability and its exact meaning.
  • History of probability.
  • Treatment of probability distributions.
  • Types of probability distributions like discrete, continuous etc.
  • Analysis of probability axioms and probability space.
  • Concepts like sample space, measure of probability, random variables, elementary event, complementary event etc.
  • Different terminologies associated with probability like joint probability, conditional probability, marginal probability etc.
  • Law of total probability.
  • Law of large numbers.
  • Tree diagram and Venn diagram.
  • Bayes’ Theorem and Boole’s inequality.
  • Classical probability distributions.
  • Convergence of random variables.
  • Central limit theorem.
  • Practical applications and actual usability of probability theory.
  • Experiments and scope of equally likely probability.
  • Importance of theory of probability and its limitations.

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In a probability space the measure takes the value between 0 and 1. There are lots of different things in theory of probability like sample space, events, random variables, stochastic processes, different types of probability distributions, and much more.

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