Tips around Music that Helps you Focus on Homework

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If music is the food for love, then play on!

Seriously, most of the people equate music with passion and intense emotions. It is said that music helps us to connect with our inner self, refresh the sensory nerves, and also aids in memory enhancement.

Now, we need all of this when we study as students, or maybe when we prepare for our presentations and examinations.

Firstly, let us try and see why and how music can help when it comes to studying:

  1. The mind routinely listens to noises and beats. These noises are fed in our minds and with advent of time, get associated with certain activities. For example, the noise of the car, the beep tones of your mobile, the background music of marching Army etc. Now, for the mind to accomplish something unusual and different, it is necessary for it to change the settings.

  1. Nobody would call learning, studying and reading as a regular activity, unless you are born in a scholarly environment. Hence, to study, absorb and grab words, it is necessary to change the settings by changing or fine tuning the noises or signals the brain receives. So, change the noise input, and change the results!

Music that Helps You Focus on Homework

There is enough evidence already that music does improve the brain’s ability to grasp and perform tough tasks. A lot of lists have been complied telling you about music that helps you focus on homework as well. I am not going to complicate anything by adding songs or jingles. I will talk about the kind of music that you should prefer while writing or studying.

A lot of people though hate music and do not want to listen to music while memorizing notes. We will not include those preferences for obvious reasons. This article is only about students who want to know about music that helps you focus on homework

There is no fixed list of songs or rhythms. Try creating your playlist after going through this article:

  1. Music played while studying should be light and contemporary.
  2. Music that helps you focus on your homework should not be a necessity. You should be able to study without it as well.
  3. Make it a point to include few party anthems, as they lift a dull and bored spirit very well.
  4. Try to include a song with motivational lyrics as well.
  5. Stay away from hard rock and heavy metal based music. Scientists, who have researched on music that helps you focus on homework, say that heavy metallic sounds often create a sense of destruction and negativity.
  6. Music should be predictable, and your focus should not divert from studies to music.
  7. If you intend to be a polyglot, then you can also try popular music from all over the globe.
  8. Try experimenting with genre, try to listen to instrumental music and a couple times, you can also switch to hip hop numbers.
  9. Avoid sad and romantic numbers.
  10. Not to forget, you can always switch to few fast tracks and sweat it out in between.
  11. If you are not religious, then devotional/religious music will probably not make it to this list either. If you are religiously inclined, then opt for songs which are subtle, and which have lyrics focused on human values .

A lot of studies have been conducted around this topic, and the results have not varies greatly. Music that helps you focus on homework is the same music that will help you in unnerving yourself after a stressful day.

Avoid music videos completely. They are the biggest distraction, will keep your eyes glued to the screen instead of the book or notes, and instead of memorizing the notes, you will end up forget what you had learnt initially.

Music that helps you focus on homework should be extremely soothing, with equally undisputed lyrics, so that the mind does not wander away.

Create a prize playlist, which you should to once you have memorized your lessons properly.

Do not be in a rush to complete your homework just to listen to music. Utilize this asset and facility, and enhance your ability learn and perform effectively.

Now, create your play list, list down all the songs and keep them separate for that wonder moment when you start memorizing your notes.

It is often said that music that helps you focus on homework and studies will eventually be a part of your growing up years, and it is with immense nostalgia and affection that you will look at the list.

Widen your thought process, see what your brain wants to hear for exceptional performance, and play the music for exemplary results.

Next time when you put on that headphone before studying, remember that there is a cause bigger than music, which happens to be your future.

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