Tips on How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

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When Tojen who wanted to Pursue PhD came up with a sad face stating his PhD thesis statement didn’t allure his master, it was a matter of great concern. Students who are ready to research, is rejected on the basis of an inappropriate thesis statement! Really! Tojen was given low grades because he didn’t know how to write a good thesis statement!

Here’s what you can do to master writing a good thesis statement.

What is the fuss about thesis statement!

An idea that has emerged in your mind has to be put in words. It can be put forth in one or two sentences. It is a perfect blend where it lets know its reader the gist of the topic. A thesis statement not only helps the reader to understand the idea of the writer but also aids the writer in pulling the topic very well.

Placing the thesis statement

Ideally it is great to put the thesis in the introduction part of the essay. It helps the audience to know the essence of the write-up.  However, if you have a longer dissertation to put forth, placing it in the second paragraph can also pull a lot of attention to the reader. There is no point in putting the statement in the middle paragraphs or later in the paper, the cause of the study fails then. It is necessary that vague words be avoided to give a clear consensus to the audience.

Is your thesis statement arguable?

The sign of a good thesis statement that it must have points to argue on. It must be studied in order to come up with evidence. It becomes evident that the statement has the capacity to answer general questions on reading the sentence. This is one of the key ingredients on how to write a good thesis statement, for if there isn’t any scope of debate, the thesis holds no originality.

For instance, when you want to write on ‘watching mobile for longer duration may hamper brain cells’, you can argue as “British children should not be given tablets or mobile gadgets as the rays of the gadgets have an adverse effect on the brain cells.”

The example above is arguable; it has the essence to put forth points of arguments and makes it palatable for the reader.

Art of crafting thesis statement through questions

For all the aspirants looking forward to research can easily master on how to write a good thesis statement, if he follows the path of crafting the sentences through questions. It is one of the easiest ways to write a proposition. Firstly, ask a question. The answer that you develop becomes the source of a good thesis structure.

Example- you can start your thesis with a question such as ‘Can we do something about the homeless children in India?’ The answer to it will be the core of your proposition.

“Homeless children in India are denied basic amenities such as healthy food, sanitation, and dwelling. They should be given the basic needs so that the quality of the population is improved.”

Here two sentences are used to propagate your thesis. It is the answer to the question put forth. It becomes easy therefore to write a thesis statement hence.

Concentrate on specific details

There is no point in running behind the bush and gain nothing. Your proposition must be able to deliver a specific research. You cannot go vague and talk general things. Therefore, when a candidate decides to write on federal budget of the nation, he must be specific on the area of concern.

Let’s say, instead of stating ‘15% of the federal budget should concentrate on children education.’ If you read, you haven’t got the gist of the argument. The question in the mind remains, which children, which government, why is it needed.

But when you put the same line as-

15% of the federal budget of UNO must concentrate on the homeless children education throughout the developing countries so that an enriched quality population develops and improved standard of living takes place.

Is your thesis statement correct?

Having a proposal if it is not backed by facts is useless. The study of thesis statements is based on facts, truth and evidence. Every time you want to prove your point, it should have proof for the same. Therefore, it is important that you take the art on how to write a good thesis statement with utmost care and attention.

While the world is thinking about global warming, mankind is on the search of liquid gold. The concentration should be on how to give a better life for the coming generation and measures to prevent global warming.

This argument must be factual. It should provide charts and questionnaires showing on how millions of dollars are spent on excavating liquid gold and not on preventive measures towards global warming.

Take a professional help

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Are you being combative?

The idea of a thesis statement is to pursue the opponent of your ideas. If you are going to combat using harsh language and turn off the mood of the reader, you have lost the research platform for a good long time.  Frame sentences in a mild tone. This is one of the key ingredients on how to write a good thesis statement.

With the above tips, writing a thesis statement can be done easily.

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