Top 10 Debate Topics for College- Examples to Select the Ideal Topics for Debate

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There are a lot of common queries that we have in our daily life but do not get the opportunity to put into practice. Hence, all these queries are built in the form of debate topics that students can represent in case of choosing best debate topics for college. If you are also searching for the right questions that can make the right noise in the house, then your quest ends here. Here is a complete list of all the primary questions that one can choose in the form of right topics for organizing a debate in your college.

10 best debate topics for college-

  1. Is animal testing justified?

Many people have a solid  idea when it comes to the question of animal experimentation. While talking about this particular topic one can get a lot of information and classify their group into two main subdivisions. One can support the idea and one will oppose. Hence, this particular topic sets one of the best question as winning debate question in college contests.

  1. Is the death penalty appropriate?

It is another such topics that will steer up a a controversy into a room as varied people will seemingly have various opinion in this particular quest. Some can find it brutal, barbaric as well as outdated. However, on the other hand, another group of people will find it justified. This is because they find that the idea for keeping such criminals alive makes no point after their crimes. Hence, the dilemma here brings a lot of chaos for the host who will obviously get a good hold for this particular debate topics for college.

  1. Is school uniform important?

It is a common quest whether the school uniforms actually make the school a more effective place to learn for the students. Many people find it compulsory for schools to assign a particular uniform. They say that this makes te students represent a certain institution. Also, it promotes equality and also supports the idea that all are even in the eyes of education. On the other hand, some also find it unnecessary and oppose the idea of uniforms. It is a common scenario where students feel they are not able to experience their freedom properly.also, hey feel that it is prohibiting them from expressing their thoughts and opinions by binding them through the curriculum.

  1. Is drug testing athletes justified?

Doping in drug tests has been a controversial topic from quite some time. Also, it has highlighted so many big names in the sports section that have alleged used some form of drugs to boost up their performance. It has been proved time and again that athletes have malpractice substances when it comes to doping into their tests. However, some also find it humilatiting on their part and keep the theory of medical condition for their intake of such stuff. Either way, uit has become a point of controversy for students in so many grounds that they can include this topic in their list of debate topics for college.

  1. Is the development of nuclear energy for commercial use justified?

This is a highlighted topic that is a big tension among the greatest nuclear powers of the world. All these various nuclear emissions create a huge impact over the areas covering dense populations. Hence, it is quite definite for students to find it quite amusing in order to find this question as a means of debate.

  1. Are humans responsible for animal extinction?

This query is another huge dilemma for students that makes them think whether humans are originally responsible for the extinction of these large number of animal species. Some believe that humans indeed are one of the leading causes for boosting up the animal extinction issue. However, some gives a whole different theory. No matter whatever the reason is, this question surely makes it good as one of the best debate topics for college.

  1. Should humans eat to live or live to eat?

What is your eating habit? Do you live to eat or eat to live? This is a serious query that nutritionists from all over the world have been stressing upon. This also makes the people know more about how to channel their metabolism into right path. Hence, this topic again hit up on the list as one of the confusing out of the lot.


  1. Is global warming an issue?

The impact of global warming is irreversible and it is a fact more than a truth. To some, global warming is one of the most alarming threats that humankind is avoiding from a long. However, on the other hand, they feel that the alarming rates have been processed into right place. No matter whatever the truth is, it is one of the best debate topics for college to put up a long conversation  in a house of students.

  1. Is it better to be honest and poor or be dishonest and rich?

This basically depends upon the person’s morality and should not be judged as an individual choice. However, this still makes a good question for debates. A lot of students may think it as the opposite and get stuck into the channel of logic. Hence, choosing this particular topic will prove to be fruitful while assigning the right ways to put up the theories.

  1. Which is more complicated gender- men or women?

This particular question is sure to make a lot of eyebrows rise in the air. In a room, almost all the men and the women will blame it upon the opposite gender as being the most complicated ones. However, the answer still lies as a means of paradox of not being coming into a specific conclusion. Hence, a student can grab the maximum number of eyeballs if he or she includes this particular questions in their list of debate topics for college.

With all these choices, students are open to select any and plan their debate as per their own convenience. These questions are all best to hit the right chords into making the ideal debate topics for college.

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