Top 15 E-Learning Statistics and Facts for 2016 You Need to Know

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What is E-learning?

Before going down the details about e-learning statistics and facts for 2016 that you need to know about, let me start with what is e-learning? By e-learning, you generally mean access to learning through electronic media such as internet. E-learning can be known  in many ways like either it can be called online learning, distance learning or computerized learning something very much different from traditional learning where students have to sit inside the four walls of their class and follow the lectures of educators.

Booming E-learning industry

Needless to say that with the changing technology e-learning industry is prospering each day and its figure keeps on moving up the graph. Many more organizations, industries and other sectors are arriving into the industry of e-learning as soon as they realize its increasing percentage of profit along with its productiveness.

Worthy investment

So if you want to invest in the business and in return you want a huge percentage of profit, then you can invest in e-learning which is a most buzzing word in this present era of technology and ruling the world of learning industry as well as already made its firm ground in the corporate sector.

Let’s find out 15 top amazing e-learning statistics and facts for 2016 that you must know

  • Using Innovative features-

About 33-35% of the e-learning industries are using interactive designs to make your learning experience incredible and more than the word awesome. Many industries started using gamified e-learning method which is quite interesting and makes your learning environment more challenging combined with fun. The reason behind using gaming technique is quite scientific. Gamified e-learning released a chemical secretion endorphins and dopamine that makes enhance your brain development, encourages group learning through active participation and cooperation.

  • Increasing demand for e-learning services and software-

Market reasearchers revealed that e-learning industry is supposed to grow 53$ billion by 2018. More and more corporate sectors are recognizing e-learning services and software to train their employees. This will save not only your companies monetary resources but also time-saving. E-learning gives you an opportunity to adopt changing technology without hiring an instructor which involves huge expenses. Therefore, e-learning proved to be an essential tool for corporate training.

  • 90% of the classes will be online by 2018-

With the growing e-learning industry many employees including me finds quite convenient to achieve higher education along with my regular job. It is very easy and flexible for students staying in remote locations. E-learning services ensure that all the learning resources are delivered equally to all learners maintaining consistency. It keeps on updating its resources whenever needed, makes learner to move along with the changing technology.

  • An increasing percentage of learning technology-

Learning technologies are being adopted by more and more institutes as well as corporate companies to cater the needs of learners. 20% of the electronic learning industries are using mobile applications, 25%-28% of them are using learning content management system, 35%-38% are using application simulation tool, 78%-80% are using virtual classroom or video broadcasting. 25% are using online knowledge management system.

  • Delivery of corporate training-

Statistics uplifted the curtain from the fact that near about 28% higher revenue per employee in the companies using e-learning technology. It has been clearly proved that 85% of the traditional training fails to deliver positive results in employees as most learners almost forget them after 90-120 days of training, due to which 30% of the employees are compelled to leave the job due to lack of effective training. With e-learning, learners can access the training anywhere in their desired locations according to their needs.

  • Incredible mobile learning statistics-

According to the market research 85% of the learners says that their mobile proved to be the most demanding learning device, 99.8% of the mobile learners enhanced their learning process through mobile technology. It’s been disclosed that mobile learners can track their progress thrice faster than normal learners. 80% of the learners learning through mobile technology are happy with its convenient features. By 2016 mobile learning technology is estimated to make 12.2 billion dollars in U.S market.

  • Rapid rising of online courses-

Distance education have shown sharp growth in their percentage since as two years as more and more students are opting online courses to continue their studies even from the remote locations. Although it could not show its miracles in 2011-12 but since then people have started understanding its brighter sides. The learners realized that distance courses are no more less than traditional face to face classes.

  • E-learning is next to eco-friendly-

Scientifically proven that electronic learning seems to be consuming around 90% of the less energy than the traditional mode of learning thereby, reducing the emission of carbon-di-oxide by 85%-88%. Now the question might knock your head how e-learning is related to carbon-di-oxide? The answer tends to be very simple when you are accessing e-learning courses you need to travel less as you can get easy access to learning right at your comfort zone.

  • Holding of information-

The learners need not only to learn from the information but also needs to retain that information and apply to their real-life situations. According to the research conducted by one of the research institute of America its been confirmed that e-learning upgrades your brain to retain information upto 60%-65%.

  • Connecting with the competitors-

In order to move your companies ahead of your competitors globally it is very essential to remain connected with them. Therefore, this technology helps you to defeat your competitors and helps you to emerge magnificently in your field. Experts in market researches concluded that near about 70%-80% given their statement that electronic learning helped to boost their development against their competitors.

  • Huge growth to be expected-

According to an estimation approximately 35.6 $ billions were spent all over the world to develop e-learning but at present it is turned into 55.5$ billion dollar industry which is expected to be double by 2016. According to the report published by Docebo the estimated growth to be subjected to 7.6%, thereby raising the revenues by 51.5$ billion by 2016. The research also highlighted that Asia recorded the highest growth by 17.3% followed by Eastern Europe rated growth by 16.9%.

  • Creating staff with happy faces-

There is not a single company that benefits by having huge employee turnover and moreover it consumes both time and money to hire skilled employees. E-learning technology is creating happy faces both for employees as well as company management as they are easily converting their unskilled employees into skilled employees and gaining success to retain their employees with this technology and even employees get the best training, thereby not letting them to leave the job.

  • Leadership in business-

Every industry desire to rule the market. With electronic learning technology their desires are turning into reality as the technology no doubt had improved the skill of the employees along with growth in business revenue. Hence, companies are growing to be a market leader more by 46%-48% and market leader by 18% with this developing technology.

  • The common factor of Fortune 500 companies-

By one of the most recent research it has been found that in Fortune 500 companies almost 73.6% of the delivered training based on technology comes from online an e-learning method which has effectively improved their development in the workforce.

  • Boosting industrial performance-

Research oriented fascinating report reveal that industries reported 32% faster ascending of new as well as innovative IT technology, 26%-27% altogether cost-saving, improvement in time by 35%-36%, improvement in the introduction of new products by 32%.

Some more facts about e-learning statistics

  • More than 3 million students enrolled in online courses in US.
  • Approximately 4.6 million students are opting for atleast one online courses.
  • E-learning stands to be one of the important tools for training employees thereby reducing operational costs by 70%-80%.
  • A gamified approach towards safe training reduces the safety incidents by 45%-46%.
  • It has been predicted that by 2020 M-learning will grow by approximately 37.8$ billion.
  • About 77% of the Us corporations stated that learning technology improved development in workforce.
  • At present, approximately 8% companies are using MOOC’s whereas another 7% are trying to experiment with MOOC’s.
  • The online corporate market is forecasted to grow by 13% to 14% annually by 2017.
  • 30% of the giant companies are top most e-learning buyers.
  • 48% of the US companies are using e-learning tools.
  • At present, approximately 25% of the US companies are using learning content management system.
  • 11% of the US companies are presently using Podcasting.

What is the present scenario?

E-learning technology will be doubled in 2016 if you look back to its previous year’s figures. Giant industries are reporting 13 more increased revenue compared to last years. About 91% of L&D leaders give their opinion that learning technologies are responsible for the fast development of organizations. Therefore, e-learning is creating a boom in the growing industries with its innovative features.

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